This Week is National Pet Week

The week of May 6th through May 12th has been designated as National Pet Week, with this year’s theme being “Healthy Pets Make Happy Homes.” This is a great week to celebrate the special bond you have with your pet, and the unique ways your own pet contributes to the happiness in your home. Our pets provide us with unconditional love, entertainment and companionship and in return, rely upon us as responsible pet guardians to provide them with the necessities for good health. In addition to providing the basics, most pet parents also love to pamper their beloved pets.  Here are the ways we like to spoil our pets:

How do you spoil your pet?

How do you like to spoil your pet?

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  1. We take Boots everywhere we can. Loves to ride in car, no matter how tired we are, we take him . Loves to put his head on pillows and likes blankets. Gives us joy every day and laughs. he is so good and part of our family. We spoil him but only to a point. He is a Yorkie and Pom mix.

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