Traveling With A Pet

Flying with your pet can be stressful - using a service like PetAirways can give you peace of mind Traveling with your pet can sometimes be cumbersome for not only you, but your pet as well. Some pets feel anxious and restless in unfamiliar surroundings, and may whimper or bark to let you know they are feeling uneasy. Keeping your pet with you during the flight is the best way to quell your pet’s anxieties. Luckily, most airlines allow a small carry-on for pets as long as the carrier fits underneath the seat in front of you, such as the Airline Pet Carrier or the Under Seat Pet Carrier, both of which were specifically designed to fit underneath airline seats.

Carriers need to make your pet feel at ease and allow him or her to turn around, stand up and lie down comfortably. Unfortunately, it can be a tall order to find a carrier large enough for your pet, small enough to fit under the seat in front of you and easy for you to carry. If you are traveling with multiple bags, having a carrier with a shoulder strap like the 3-in-1 Soft-Sided Pet Carrier, can be helpful for keeping your pet cozy while also keeping you comfortable.

While the airlines pet policy is fine for small pets, unfortunately it is not helpful for larger animals, or certain breeds – because recently airlines have not been accepting certain breeds onboard. Therefore, it’s customary to board certain breeds and larger animals along with cargo; however, it’s not the most comfortable way for your pet to fly. When your pet is flying in cargo, air quality may be compromised and subjected to a frightening area.  Read our Click and Learn on additional important facts you should know before flying with your pet.

If you don’t want your pet to fly in cargo, there is another option for you — Pet Airways. Your pet can benefit from Pet Airways, because instead of being in the cargo hold, he or she will actually fly in the main cabin – which means proper air circulation, monitoring by a trained pet attendant, no breed restrictions and a potty break.

Keeping your pet safe and comfortable during airline travel is necessary for a successful trip. Carrying your pet onboard with you is the safest and most comfortable way for your pet to travel; however, if you have a larger pet or a breed that your airline won’t allow to fly with you, you can consider using Pet Airways to get your pet where he or she needs to go.

*When bringing your pet onboard, we recommend you check with your commercial airline at least two weeks in advance for their specific rules and requirements on pet travel.

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