Celebrate DOGust & Give Your Rescued Dog a Birthday to Remember!

August 1st is the universal birthday for rescued dogs

Any pet owner who has adopted a dog from a pet rescue or humane society knows how disappointing it can be to not know their pet’s birth date. But this year you can celebrate your rescued dog’s birthday on August 1st. The first day of August marks the universal birthday for rescued dogs called DOGust. DOGust is for pet owners everywhere who don’t know their pets’ birthdays, but who can throw their pets a party anyway!

If inspiration is needed for your pet’s birthday, here are a few suggestions to help celebrate DOGust and make your pet one happy pooch!

Nix the Cake, Give a Treat!

It’s not every day you can celebrate your dog being born, so whyCrumps sweet potato not give him or her some wholesome treats to make the day even better? Crumps’ Naturals Sweet Potato Chews are all-natural treats made from 100% Ontario grown sweet potatoes. These delicious treats do not include additives, preservatives, or artificial colors! Giving your pet a treat can reinforce good behavior and help with training. But for birthday purposes, as an “I’m glad you were born” one or two can’t hurt.

Worried about calories? Don’t be. For pets watching their figures, try freeze-dried PureBites, made with all-natural beef-liver, chicken or turkey, and only 10 calories per treat.

Relax, Rest, Repeat.

The Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Plus Snuggle Bed will fit right into your home decor

Honestly, what’s better than having your very own bed to snuggle into? Giving your birthday boy or girl a luxurious, cozy bed can be just the ticket to the perfect slumber. Try a pet bed like the Enchanted Home Pet Ultra Plush Snuggle Beds for Pets. The Snuggle Bed, just like the name suggests, is made with milled foam to keep pets comfortable and make them want to curl up and snuggle. Pets with their own bed feel less anxious because they have a “safe spot” to go to if necessary. The great part about the Snuggle Bed is it looks exactly like a miniature sofa that fits right in your home!

Have a Drink!

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Filtered Drinking Fountain will make your pet want to drink more water

OK, so your pet really shouldn’t be having “adult beverages,” but having a new, safer way to drink water is a must! Ordinary water bowls tend to harbor bacteria and can cause oral issues. Using a drinking fountain like the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Filtered Drinking Fountain reduces bacteria and particles by aerating the water and processing it through a charcoal filter. Plus, a pet fountain is also great for pets that don’t drink a lot. The constant water moving makes pets want to stick their nose in and take a drink.

Pets are part of our families, so that’s why we want to celebrate the day they were born. However, just because you don’t know the specific day your pet was born, doesn’t mean you can’t show them how much you care. Celebrate DOGust with many other pet owners this year and give your pet a great big smooch!

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