How can I prevent my pet from developing age-related decline?

Diet and nutritional supplements may help your aging pet

How can I help my pet from developing signs of aging and declining mental function?  This common question asked by guardians of geriatric cats and dogs and can often be helped by a combination of several dietary approaches, including supplements and, if necessary, prescription medications. In the canine world, this decline in brain function is often referred to as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction.

Signs of this syndrome seen more common in dogs but also in cats include disorientation, changes in behavior ranging from dullness or apathy, anxiety to irritability, as well as exhibiting changes in the sleep-wake cycle often awaking their guardians in the middle of the night, sometimes in a confused manner and/or wandering around the house aimlessly or getting trapped in corners. Along with these above changes, frustrating house soiling problems can also be seen.

By using a combination of dietary and nutritional supplements and sometimes prescription medications, many aging pets can sometimes be brought around to increased levels of alertness and activity not seen in years. I have found a combination approach, using (first and most importantly) a proper and balanced fresh homemade diet or at least a natural brand like Be Well, Wysong, or Wellness, along with various supplements offers the best chance at response.  Recent research published in the journal Vet Therapy in 2008 showed in a double blind placebo study, how the supplement SAMe, which is particularly abundant in the liver and brain, to be helpful. Denosyl is an excellent product to consider and has a sufficient amount of SAMe to make a clinical difference in many pets.

Vetri-DMG helps with chemical reactions in many cells, including the transfer of oxygen by the blood and into the brain.  My favorite antioxidants which can help with mental alertness and acuity include Proanthozone, Cell Advance, and Super VitaChews from 1800PetMeds used all together. I have not been as impressed with Evsco Antioxidant.  Fatty acids have also been studied and shown to help brain function at both ends of life, with my favorites being Nordic Naturals Omega-3 fatty acids, Pet Cod Liver Oil, and Super Pure Omega 3.  Combining many of these supplements, along with a natural minimal processed commercial diet offers the best approach in my opinion in helping these aging pets.

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