Benefits of grooming your dog or cat

Regular grooming can reduce allergens

While grooming of our dogs and cats is often thought of as a cosmetic beauty parlor appointment for long haired dogs and cats, regular grooming of even short coated pets can actually play a role in both emotional and physical health. One of the more common disorders seen in everyday veterinary practice are pets with various skin allergies and itching, which is often secondary to contact allergens including dust mites, molds, pollens, grasses, trees and dander.

Through regular brushing and combing, especially after coming in from outside, these allergens can be reduced, thus minimizing allergic reactions in sensitive pets. Periodic baths can also help cut down on these unwanted contact allergens. Regular combing with flea combs can also help detect the efficacy or need for a better flea control program.

If flea dirt or live fleas are detected, an animal guardian can review with their veterinarian which flea products might be indicated, including options such as Frontline Plus or Advantage II. Regular grooming is also an excellent time for an increased bonding or emotional connection to one’s animal companion. In the wild, both dogs and cats regularly groom one another and many pets enjoy being combed and brushed regularly by their animal guardians in a similar way.

Regular trimming of your pet’s nails can cut down on those unwanted scratches and even disease transfer from pets to people, especially seen with our felines. Keeping nails short and blunt, especially the thumbnails known as the dewclaws, often prevent injuries and splitting, bleeding nails, including subsequent expensive emergency room visits.

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