Benefits of giving your dog or cat Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids have many health benefits for pets

There is not a hotter topic in nutritional supplementation today for both preventative and therapeutic health in both dogs and cats than the use of a good quality Omega 3 fatty acid supplement.  In fact, there is potential benefit in most organ systems in animals, as well as both young and old pets.  While many commercial pet food diets are now adding extra omega 3 fatty acids, these sensitive nutritionals are often destroyed in the processing of bagged or canned pet foods.

Some of the amazing benefits of supplemental omega 3 fatty acids include assisting the growth and health of developing brain of young animals, as well as preventing nerve/brain degeneration in older pets helping with potential senility in dogs and cats, as well as in lessening risk of canine cognitive dysfunction, a common problem seen in geriatric dogs.  Supplemental omega 3 fatty acids can help decrease inflammation and allergic reactions in the body in both frustrating skin allergy cases, as well as degenerative joint disease and arthritis in our pets.  Recent research has even uncovered omega 3 fatty acids supplementation as being helpful in both managing and preventing certain types of heart and kidney disease.

One should realize however that not all fatty acids on the market are created equal. Some of my favorite and more reliable suggestions for my clients include Super Pure Omega 3 and Be Well from 1800PetMeds, as well as any of the wonderful products from the Nordic Naturals company.


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