PetMeds® Breed Specific Health Concerns

When picking out a pet many clients will often ask which breeds have the most serious health issues. While any breed can get most chronic diseases, some breeds are more prone to particular problems than others. Cocker Spaniels for example are very prone to eye and ear problems, in addition to chronic skin and autoimmune/allergic diseases. Dachshunds are especially prone to spinal/disc problems which can become chronic and frustrating to treat. breed-specific-health-concerns

Bulldogs are very prone to allergic skin and ear disease as well as problems with their breathing due to the anatomy of their airways. Golden Retrievers and Boxers are very prone to many chronic allergic and hormonal diseases, as well as cancer.  In my experience, one of the breeds I find that has the highest incidence of health issues are the Sharpeis, who have many chronic skin/eye/ear and other immune mediated diseases and illnesses of various organs.  German Shepherds are prone to chronic digestive or allergic skin disease, as well as hip/joint problems, as well as behavioral disorders.

No matter which breed or mix breed dog you are considering, any breed can suffer from any chronic disease.  However, this shouldn’t discourage you and your family from choosing a perfect lifelong friend. For additional information on breed specific health concerns, you can always consult with your veterinarian.

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