Cancer in dogs and cats

Consider a natural approach to preventing cancer

One of the most rapidly increasing chronic diseases seen in both younger and younger people and pets is the incidence of cancer. While ex-president Richard Nixon declared a war on cancer almost 40 years ago, this is hardly a war we are winning in my opinion, whether on the human or animal front, in spite of decades of research and newer drugs and treatments. While a few cancers may be decreasing, the overall rate of some severe cancers like brain cancer and pancreatic cancer, as well as even childhood leukemias are increasing in younger individuals.

While there are certainly genetic factors, I honestly feel that most of the factors involved in the increase in cancer, especially in our pets is in what they are overexposed to over the life of the animal and even over generations of pets leading to mutations in DNA and more likelihood of cancer development. The two biggest factors in my opinion are the over-vaccination with multiple combination viral vaccines, even though immunity to many core viruses lasts for many years, if not the life of the animal, as well as well as the toxins, preservatives, and quality of ingredients found in many processed commercial pet foods that are often recommended and sold by vets across the country, or sold at many pet and supply stores.

Veterinarians still get very little training, other than a short course third year of veterinary school, on truly proper preventative nutrition in carnivorous animals like dogs and cats. And most of what veterinarians are recommending pet owners feed their pets is information they are told by pet food company sales representatives, rather than actually learning about proper nutrition in veterinary school.

Natural pet foods like Azmira, Halo and Wysong are much better alternatives in my opinion than what most animal guardians are feeding day in and day out. Along with over vaccination and the subsequent distortion of immune system function by this overzealous practice, poor diets are definitely a major factor in cancer development in our pets. They certainly are not worried about the wars overseas, the economy, or health care as the emotional stresses we are under, and which play roles in our diseases, and they are certainly not drinking or smoking too much, so that leaves without a doubt in my mind the environmental factors above as critical long term factors in the increase in cancer rates, autoimmune and chronic diseases seen in both animals and likely play a role in people as well. Even overuse of pesticides in some sensitive pets can stress their detoxifying capabilities over a pet’s life.

I strongly recommend a more natural approach in preventing cancer in terms of feeding excellent quality natural diets as mentioned above, or a proper home made diet, following balanced recipes, as well as many nutritional supplements such as omega 3 fatty acids like Nordic Naturals Omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics like NatureVet Enzymes and Probiotics, as well as antioxidants like Proanthozone and Cell Advance used long term in middle-aged and older pets, and even in some younger higher risk breeds like Golden Retrievers. While early detection of cancer with newer technologies like ultrasounds, early biopsies of skin lumps, laparoscopic exams, and MRI’s can often detect tumors earlier allowing therapies to have a better chance at achieving cancer remission, I don’t feel the answer to our cancer epidemic will be from newer and stronger drugs or chemo or radiation protocols, but in healthier truly preventative lifestyles, including some of the health and supplement tips I am including in this blog.

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