PetMeds® Car Safety for Dogs and Cats

We are all often aware of taking necessary precautions for ourselves and our children when riding in a vehicle such as using seat belts and infant seats to help minimize risk of injury.  However, it is equally as important in our animal companions as well to take similar precautions when transporting their dogs or cats. Using a pet car seat may help to lessen their risk of injury if you are involved in an accident

There are many wonderful pet carriers, pet kennels and pet car seats available from 1800PetMeds that can help in transporting pets in vehicles. Just as we would not let our children go without a seat belt, it is important to take similar precautions with our pets, thus insuring the safety and well being of everyone in the vehicle.  By knowing our pets are secure and safe during travel, this also cuts down on auto accidents and our own potential injuries.

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