PetMeds® Cherry Eye Treatment in Dogs

Leaving cherry eye untreated can lead to dry eyes in dogs Cherry eye is a fairly common condition of dogs that is the result of inflammation and protrusion of the third eye lid of dogs. It has the appearance of a cherry-like swelling emanating from the inner corner of the eye. This third eyelid is a significant source of tears in dogs and if it remains protruded, many dogs can develop a condition known as dry eye.

Many years ago veterinarians used to remove these swollen third eyelids, however, because of the risk of dry eye, it is now widely accepted that the best treatment of this condition is surgical replacement of the third eyelid by a veterinarian under anesthesia. Most of the time this is curative.

There are no effective medical treatments, however, the best remedy is to keep the eyelid moist with artificial tears, lubricant and/or opthalmic antibiotics until surgical replacement can be performed.

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  1. my shih tzu was born with her eyelid inverted into her eye resulting i n her lashes being grown on her cornea creating chronic abrasions. we flip the lids outward and it no longer abraised the cornea but it left her with a permanent dry eye. It makes no tears at all. could surgery help possibly?

  2. Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianJune 27, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    Surgery is an option. I would see a veterinary opthomologist in your area.

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