PetMeds® Cold Symptoms in Dogs and Cats

I am often asked by animal guardians what they can do for their pet at home who has a cold or signs of any upper respiratory tract inflammation or infection. Symptoms may include sneezing, noisy breathing, watery or mucous discharging eyes. Mild coughing may accompany symptoms of upper respiratory tract inflammation.   Causes can include various viruses, bacteria, nasal foreign bodies and polyps or tumors in older pets.

Cold symptoms in dogs may include sneezing, noisy breathing watery or mucous discharging eyes.

For pets with a cold I will often suggest a round of antihistamines which may include Chlorpheniramine or Benadryl as well as immune boosting supplements like Vetri-DMG liquid. I will also often suggest supplements like Pediatric Echinacea and goldenseal or the herb elderberry which can be gotten from local health food stores. If symptoms persist or worsen, a veterinary exam and evaluation is always recommended.

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