Convenia vs. Traditional Oral Antibiotics for Pets

Unlike traditional oral antibiotics, Convenia is injectable and lasts up to 2-3 weeks

In recent years, many veterinarians are now reaching for the injectable antibiotic Convenia for many common infections presented to the veterinary clinic, including those of the skin, urinary tract and respiratory tract. Convenia is given typically as a single injection, which can last up to 2-3 weeks in pets. This convenient injection is a welcome relief to many animal guardians who don’t have to struggle and fight with their pets once to three times daily, which is the typical frequency that other oral antibiotics are given.

Many times, veterinarians will recheck the pet in 2 weeks for a second injection if needed, which often will resolve many common infectious diseases. There are very few negatives when using Convenia, except if the pet is allergic to the injected medication.  Allergic reactions that may be seen are most commonly digestive upset, especially diarrhea and/or vomiting. While this reaction is not common, if it does occur, it may last up to a few weeks, necessitating the need for medical management of these symptoms during this time. The only other negative reaction would be if the infection being treated is resistant to the antibiotic, in which case alternative antibiotic therapies will be needed in the following weeks.

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  1. Hesitant to use Convenia after reading comments here, other sites. My cat 15 years old. Never sick till last year or so. Sadly Chronic kidney failure over a year. Possibly lymphoma. Always dental issues. Lost quite a few teeth due to reabsorption which is painful. November started sneezing, stuffed up nose, bit of wheezing. Noticed large abscess, black, on gum. Fur is black around mouth so took a while to notice. Drinks a ton of water. Urinates a lot, pure water. Tends to howl especially night and at litter cabinet. Discharge from nose, couldn’t smell food stopped eating lost weight became very frail and weak. Animal rescue and sanctuary recommended Convenia shot. First said no, however they reassured me as they treat a lot of cats. Agreed and so glad I did! Didn’t take long for nose to clear, respiratory got better, abscess virtually disappeared, happier cat! Now March same symptoms reappeared. Though not as severe as before. But on their way. She is doing just fine. Much less torture for her, though no cat really likes a vet visit, no cat likes a pill a few times a day. Nor does the cat owner LOL. We really don’t do any exam it is basically palliative care. The kidneys will never be better. The goal is to keep her comfortable. She is almost 14 pounds which is good. Gaining almost 2 pounds from her last visit. The entire thing only cost $40. Plus $20 donation happy to give whish could’ve been more. Cat may also very well have a UTI, again no testing. Palliative care. I have upmost confidence I will have my cat for a while longer and she will not be in discomfort. I did not been for the shot I don’t believe she would’ve survived. Once a cat can’t smell it will not eat. Sometimes cats have underlining problems and it’s really not the shot at all, it can be a coincidence. Doesn’t make it any easier, but I do believe that. I will always trust a shot now. Good luck to everyone with their for babies! We just have to do the best we can.

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