PetMeds® Do Indoor Only Cats Need to Visit the Vet?

One of the most forgotten groups of pets that often fail to receive adequate veterinary care is the household cat that is kept strictly indoors. Many animal guardians believe that if a cat is indoors only they to not need veterinary exams or attention due to their lack of exposure to the outside world. While most viral diseases are transmitted by direct contact, other bacterial or viral diseases may be transmitted through human transport from the outside world, as well as from other cats why may come into the yard or homes of indoor cat guardians.


While individualized vaccination schedules should be discussed with your veterinarian about risk of certain diseases, I don’t find that most indoor cats need many vaccinations after they mature from a kitten to an adult cat – wit the exception of rabies vaccinations as required by local or state laws. Annual or semiannual wellness exams, however, are important to detect oral or periodontal disease, heart problems and/or liver kidney problems through blood work and/or urine analyses.

Cats are sometimes able to mask or hide an illness and disease, often showing only few symptoms of illness. Many times cats that have not been to the veterinarian for many years will present “sudden” advanced illnesses that may be difficult to treat. However, in many cases there could have had a better prognosis if detected earlier from an exam or labwork.

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