Healing Cracked Paw Pads in Dogs and Cats

While people often develop dry and/or cracked fingers and toes, our pets can also develop scuffed, cracked, and rough paw pads.  In most cases this does not indicate a severe pathology, there are many things a pet owner can implement to help improve paw pad health, with the most important being to feed an all-natural preservative free diet.  If a proper homemade diet is not possible, than feeding natural diets like Halo, Wysong or Nature’s Variety are amongst my favorite pet foods. Topical aloe vera or vitamin E can help smooth cracked or peeling paw pads

Often dietary therapy alone can improve health of paw pads. Using combination fatty acid supplements like Be Well or Missing Link added to meals can also help long term.  Kelp and/or lecithin granules are also two of my favorite skin supplements.   Topical vitamin E and/or aloe vera gel applied to paw pads a few times daily can also dramatically help moisturize and improve pad health when used long term.

In those cases where pads become ulcerated or severely cracked, a veterinary evaluation is recommended due to potential hormonal conditions such as thyroid disorders and autoimmune diseases which can affect the paw pads of many animals.

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