Inappropriate elimination in cats


Feline house soiling is one of the most common behavioral problems seen in feline medicine today, and unfortunately is one of the biggest reasons why many feline guardians surrender their cat to a local shelter or even sometimes euthanizing their cats. The most important first step in helping solve this problem is to make sure that there are no medical issues going on such as feline urological syndrome (known as FUS). A complete physical exam, urine analysis and urine culture, as well as possible blood work and x-rays should be performed at your local veterinarian’s office to ensure disease is not present.

Once medical issues have been ruled out and the problem is deemed mostly behavioral, it takes a very patient step-by-step approach in attempting to solve this frustrating problem, which is even worse in multiple cat households. The smell of urine will attract a cat so it is critical that urine be removed from carpet and other flooring, furniture and bedding. Sometimes washing the item in hot water and bleach is desirable.

I have found several products helpful in managing this frustrating condition in cats, which most commonly involves inappropriate urination and to a lesser degree, defecation. Comfort Zone spray for cats and the Comfort Zone plug in diffuser have been immensely helpful in removing lingering odors and lessening inappropriate urination. While many veterinarians will try prescription drugs like Amitriptyline, Clomipramine, Prozac, Buspar, and Valium to name a few, these are often ineffective or have unwanted side effects in my experience.

The oral Composure liquid by Vetri-Science is a wonderful natural oral calming agent that can help if emotional distress is involved. It is also important in multiple cat households to add additional litter boxes if possible (one more than the number of cats is ideal), as well as trying different litter types. With hard work and patience, this frustrating problem can sometimes be solved. If the problem persists, however, there are veterinary specialists trained in behavioral veterinary medicine that your veterinarian can refer you to.


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