K9 Advantix: A simple way to protect your dog from fleas & ticks

K9 Advantix II is still effective even after washing and bathing.

K9 Advantix II is among the most commonly used monthly topical medications used for controlling fleas, ticks and mosquitoes on dogs. As the weather continues to heat up and water activities increase, one of the additional benefits is that K9 Advantix II is still effective even after washing and bathing. In addition, K9 Advantix II not only quickly kills mature and immature fleas and ticks, but also repels these parasites from biting.

K9 Advantix kills and repels fleas and ticks

Available in 3, 6, or 12-packs, K9 Advantix II comes in convenient dosing packaging for dogs up to 10 pounds, dogs from 11-20 pounds, dogs from 21-55 pounds, and dogs over 55 pounds.

If your pet is in between weight ranges, you can always start with the lower dose of K9 Advantix II; however, if effective pest control is not seen, then giving the higher dose is certainly safe in most pets. It is not necessary to separate dogs after dosing them topically with this product; however, if dogs are actively playful and/or licking one another, it may be best to have them apart for a few hours, until the product has had a chance to dry.

Previously, it was recommended not to purchase this product if an animal guardian also had cats due to their sensitivity to the permethrin insecticide in this product. That labeling has now changed and it is ok to use in households with cats–as long as pet owners wait until the product is completely dry on one’s dog before exposing them to household cats.

Side effects are rare, but may include (in sensitive pets):

  • Contact irritation/allergy causing hair loss at site of application
  • Digestive upset
  • Neurological reactions such as seizures (rare cases)

If these symptoms should should occur, consider speaking with your veterinarian about changing to an oral flea preventative such as NexGard or Trifexis. For more information on these newer flea control products, read our article on the Benefits of Oral Flea Medications.

Learn the benefits of oral flea treatments

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  1. Sounds like topical reaction to advantix. I would recommend switching to alternative product like topical revolution or possibly oral sentinel

  2. I give my dog advantix11 and he does well on it do I still have to give him a heart worm medicine because he a seizure 2 days after giving him sentinel

  3. I would discuss these concerns with your local veterinarian as the decision to use heartworm medicines in a dog prone to seizures will be based on the actual risk in your area. There are also other options for flea and/or heartworm medicine as well such as prescription topical revolution

  4. I have two shih tzu maltese mix dogs.I applied the k9 advantix on both of them one of my dogs the next day was panting barking scurry around in circles laying on her back moving around. She seems uncomfortable. This is not like her at all. I’ve read other posts about their dogs doing the same thing. How long will thisn reaction last? She is 16 pounds and 14 years old

  5. Typically the reaction will only last a day or two, however you can try washing product off, if caught within a few days. Otherwise, if neurological signs persist, you will need to see your local vet for exam and evaluation.

  6. Hi, apologies if this question has been answered already but I was just wondering how long the product took to dry? I’m really interested in trying a flea prevention product but with a household that includes cats I’m just wondering how long they should be kept apart after applying K9 Advantix?

  7. They usually dry within 6 to 12 hours.

  8. Hello. I gave my dog a dose of K9 advantage II and she was very restless at night. She typically sleeps well, but it as very difficult for her to get comfortable. Is this a possible side-effect?

  9. It is possible to have rare neurological excitation and side effect. If sign persists, see your vet. May want to wash product off as well

  10. To my shame I ordered revelution for my dogs this time. I applied it on July 8th, 10 days ago. I just found 3 ticks on my 25-30 lbs Bassett Hound. I had also ordered k9 advantix by accident. Its what i normally order. Is it too soon to apply advantix? I’ve got an 7 lbs yorkie that revelution is working fine on but he can’t get into half the mess this Hound can.

  11. I usually wait at least 2 weeks before applying another topical flea and/or tick product on an animal

  12. I have three dogs who have had Frontline monthly and no fleas ever. Until now. I applied Frontline on august 2nd. Today I found fleas on all three dogs. We gave them baths using a natural flea shampoo (peppermint and clove oil) and sprayed them with Ovitrol and began treating the house with Siphotrol. I Bought K9 Advantix II for them. When can I put it on them? Also, our mini schnauzer/poodle mix had a very bad reaction to Vectra last year. Do I need to worry about using the Advantix on him?

  13. Every flea product is different, so that a pet that reacted to Vectra should likely not react to advantx II, although occasionally pets are sensitive to any topical pesticides for flea control. I think you should be ok to apply another product like advantix now. You also may want to treat your home environment as well for fleas with products like knockout.

  14. Hi, recently I got a 7 pounds poodle but she came last year during winter time so no flea problems, now she got fleas and is a nightmare, I applied Advantix a month ago and now I applied again but late that day I sprayed water with coconut oil on her to brush her ( I love the smell of coconut and someone told me it helps with her fur) but I totally forgot about the Advantix, I wonder if that will take the effect of this medicine.

    Thanks for having this wonderful site.

  15. I dont think the coconut oil will cause a problem with the advantix if applied one month ago. She may need additional applications of the advantix for continued effective flea prevention

  16. I need help! I applied a flea serum to my small dog and now she is losing her hair she has sores from scratching constantly. I was wondering what I could do to help with this. Would an oatmeal bath help or a very mild shampoo for the itchiness?

  17. HI Misty. Sorry to hear of this reaction. You could try a dose of childrens benadryl at dose of 1/4 to 1/2 childrens dose twice daily which may help itching as well as the oatmeal baths. However may need vet exam and evaluation to help sort out if antibiotic or stronger anti itch medication needed

  18. Hi there I have been treating my dog with advantix II (150 lbs) for some time now and he was last treated on Aug 15th and has just come into contact with fleas he is covered we noticed Monday when coming from our nasty rental home. I have treated him again yesterday (Tuesday ) and it is just over 24 hours. I have found loads of dead ones but he is still licking and chewing some will this stop or shall I treat again ? I have the spray to do our home as well but just haven’t gotten the time to do so with my work schedule and having to be out of the home for at least 2 hours afterwards. Am I just over acting 🙂 and they will all die in the next 12 hours maybe ? Thank you!

  19. They should die within 24 hours. If itching persists, can try benadryl at dose of 1 mg per pound twice daily; also make sure you treat home, as much of flea life cycle occurs in home. If itching persists, I would not immediately reapply the product. you may want to schedule vet exam to see if stronger anti itch meds needed and/or antibiotic therapy needed.

  20. Can I use advantix ii along with diatomaceous powder applied topically on my 30lb. Husky pup?

  21. HI Tina. I personally would use one or the other. Even if natural, the body still has to process any residues that are absorbed through the skin or licked off inadvertently. If Advantix not working for you, you can choose another prescription pesticide flea product, OR if you prefer to go natural, then using diatomaceous earth fine to use. I would not use both at same time in my opinion.

  22. I have 2 puppies that are 12 weeks old. So they are old enough for topical flea treatment but they only weigh 2 and a half pounds. Is it safe to put k9 advantix on them.

  23. Hi Crystal. They are old enough for flea products to be applied, however I prefer topical revolution to this product which has convenient dosing for pets below 5 pounds. You will need written script from your vet

  24. Can i use coconut oil on dog’s skin after treating with Advantix II?

  25. HI Paula. I dont see a problem using coconut oil on dog’s skin after treating with advantix, although I would wait 2 to 3 days after applying the advantix to use it topically. Also consider oral coconut oil to the food at dose of 1/4 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight twice daily mixed in food

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