K9 Advantix: A simple way to protect your dog from fleas & ticks

K9 Advantix II is still effective even after washing and bathing.

K9 Advantix II is among the most commonly used monthly topical medications used for controlling fleas, ticks and mosquitoes on dogs. As the weather continues to heat up and water activities increase, one of the additional benefits is that K9 Advantix II is still effective even after washing and bathing. In addition, K9 Advantix II not only quickly kills mature and immature fleas and ticks, but also repels these parasites from biting.

K9 Advantix kills and repels fleas and ticks

Available in 3, 6, or 12-packs, K9 Advantix II comes in convenient dosing packaging for dogs up to 10 pounds, dogs from 11-20 pounds, dogs from 21-55 pounds, and dogs over 55 pounds.

If your pet is in between weight ranges, you can always start with the lower dose of K9 Advantix II; however, if effective pest control is not seen, then giving the higher dose is certainly safe in most pets. It is not necessary to separate dogs after dosing them topically with this product; however, if dogs are actively playful and/or licking one another, it may be best to have them apart for a few hours, until the product has had a chance to dry.

Previously, it was recommended not to purchase this product if an animal guardian also had cats due to their sensitivity to the permethrin insecticide in this product. That labeling has now changed and it is ok to use in households with cats–as long as pet owners wait until the product is completely dry on one’s dog before exposing them to household cats.

Side effects are rare, but may include (in sensitive pets):

  • Contact irritation/allergy causing hair loss at site of application
  • Digestive upset
  • Neurological reactions such as seizures (rare cases)

If these symptoms should should occur, consider speaking with your veterinarian about changing to an oral flea preventative such as NexGard or Trifexis. For more information on these newer flea control products, read our article on the Benefits of Oral Flea Medications.

Learn the benefits of oral flea treatments

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  1. In short: Gave to 10-year old Maltese/Yorkie. 8 hours later he became very restless and wouldn’t stop moving and needed to be right near me. Had severe nerve spasms for now day 3. He vomited and has the runs. Giving this K9 Advantix 2 was the only change and it put him through hell. I thought he was not going to survive.

    In Detail: It’s important to know that I know this is the only thing that was changed in his day, that day. I gave him K9 Advantix 2. I gave him the meds around noon. Exact does for a 12-pound dog. About 6 to 8 hours later he became very clingy and nervous. I was not aware it was the k9 Adavtix 2 at the time. I gave him some Benadryl to calm him which gave no effect. His restlessness and twitching, as if being electrocuted, progressed through the night and got really bad. We both did not sleep. He cried all night while never staying still. Around 5 am I gave him a bath to wash it off of him. I’m not sure if this helped because it was still really bad (but a good idea to do never the less). I gave him more Benadryl the next morning to no effect again. He vomited. We are now on day 3 and although the twitching is not as severe, it still is bad enough to where his whole body convulses all day long and every 5 seconds a strong surge comes. He’s moaning in pain the whole time. I really hope this ends. It does look like he is in the last stages of it at the end of day 3. I’ve never seen him this bad ever in my life. I would never recommend K9 Advantix 2 to anyone.

  2. HI Dave. So sorry to hear about your dog’s experiences with Canine Advantix. Any of the over the counter and/or even vet prescribed topical or oral pesticides can have very rare effects like this in sensitive patients, including digestive and/or neurological reactions. Hoping he is feeling better.

  3. My dog had all of those same symptoms before I put the k-9 advantix on him he was acting horrible and I felt.so bad for him. Ii bought the k-9 and put a dose on him and the next day he was fine so I bathed him n he had so many dead fleas on him I couldn’t believe it. Never seen so many like that he aS along the river in tall grass the weekend before so he got massive fleas from that but if it wasn’t for putting k-I on him to kill the massive fleas he probably would’ve went crazy. K-9 advantix is the only flea control that ever worked for my dogs . I love it!

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