Making a Quick Pet Food Transition

If your pet needs to transition foods quickly, look for a similar formula

With the recent pet food recall of many brands of foods manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, many animal guardians need to quickly make changes to new diets for their pets. There are several helpful guidelines when making a transition in your pet’s diet rapidly.  It is usually less stressful on the digestive tract to find a similar formula as to what your pet has been eating. For example, if your pet was eating a lamb and rice diet, it would be helpful to change to a similar one. Sometimes it can also be helpful to use a home-made diet of chicken and rice when changing a pet’s food as well to a new diet, by using 20% chicken and 80% rice. Finally, it may be helpful to use a good probiotic from the health food store or one such as Fast Balance G.I., in order to make sure that the bacterial population remain healthy during the time of a stress or dietary change.

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