How to make the most of National Holistic Pet Day

A relaxed dog receives physical therapy

Today is National Holistic Pet Day! Taking a holistic approach to your pet’s health means viewing your pet as a whole when it comes to disease management and prevention; it’s an approach to wellness that considers your pet’s nutrition, lifestyle and environment.

Holistic veterinarian Michael Dym, VMD, was in the office last week to answer top pet health questions. You can view the broadcast on Facebook or YouTube to get an understanding of a holistic approach to pet health. If you have pet health questions that weren’t answered in the video, you can ask Dr. Dym directly any time by using our Ask the Vet form.


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  1. Our Bosley would love these treats. He loves veggies and needs to eat more veggies as he is getting older and has gained weight like his Mommy and Daddy.

  2. HI Bonita. Lots of healthy exercise and less processed carbohydrates are the keys to helping with our pets’ weight control as it is ours. (:

  3. Harleygirl needs a treat and my dog needs FREE Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats to make her day ! She has arthritis in her front paws & when we give her treats for jumping into the truck, we say good girl you did it & reward her with a treat. When she goes up & down step we reward her with a treat & say good girl, you did it! As we do when she plays outside. Thanks woof Harleygirl- Labrador retriever- chocolate Labrador retriever 6 years & 11 months old

  4. pet’s health is very imt. time to time check pet health

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