PetMeds® New Joint Therapies for Dogs

One of the newer aspects various joint and arthritis treatments in small animal veterinary medicine involves the injection directly into the joints and areas of inflammation. While there are occasional side effects that can occur, such as secondary infections (if a sterile technique isn’t used), I believe the benefit of anti-inflammatories, or other various healing joint medications has a superior advantage in many cases over taking joint supplements.  Some of the products that have been used include various steroid formulations such as Triamcinolone, as well as Prednisolone formulations. Injectable joint therapies may be an alternative to giving your pet joint supplements for joint pain

Also, a long term product called Adequan uses actual joint components like hyaluronic acid, which seems to slow the progression of arthritis, and decreases joint inflammation. The body’s own natural production of glucosamine and chondroitin-like materials are also increased by using Adequan. Most recently even the use of stem cell therapies have found their way into use for persistent and resistant arthritis, and recent reports have found that injecting stem cell products directly into joints significantly improves the range of motion and lameness. Regenerative stem cell therapy for arthritis usually requires only one dose, however, depending upon whether a steroid or hyaluronic acid is used, the frequency can be as much as once weekly.

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  1. Going to find out more about “adequan” , thanks for sharing.

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    I would like to connect with people who are experts or have experience in organic supplements used to treat dogs that suffer from arthritis. I acquired a supplement used to treat dogs with arthritis that has 24 organic ingredients and would like to get an expert opinion on the viability of this product. I would appreciate your comments.

  3. Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianJune 6, 2012 at 11:46 am

    See response in separate posting.

  4. Sir, I’m living in india and we are senior citizen. we badly needed dog (puppy)at the same time we don’t want aggressive type of puppy.So we are quit new in this field and how to have a dog and what are all disease to have face us.

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