PetMeds® Restoring Pet’s Dry Skin with Omega 3 Supplements

Adding Omega 3 supplements to your pet's daily diet can help restore skin health Even without the presence of fleas, some pets can develop chronic itchy skin which can potentially result in yeast or bacterial infections. While medicated shampoos such as ChlorhexiDerm  or Keto Chlor shampoo can often help when used a few times a week, sometimes adding Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil can go a long way toward helping reducing skin inflammation and itching tendencies, especially when combined with oral antihistamines like Benadryl or Chlorphenirimine.

While I recommend adding Omega 3 supplements into a pet’s diet, I also inform my clients that these supplements may sometimes take weeks to months to have a beneficial effect. Some of my favorite products include Be Well, missing link as well as Super Pure Omega 3 from 1800PetMeds. Clients should also consider having their pets checked at their veterinarian, as many pets with crusty skin may need prescription antibiotics or anti-fungal agents.

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