PetMeds® Tips for Choosing a Dog Groomer

When utilizing the services of a groomer there are many factors for an animal guardian to consider. One of the most important things an animal guardian can do is to ask for a few references from the groomer as to performance and reliability. I would also observe the groomer at work to get an idea of not only their level of skill, but also to see if they adequately clean their equipment and tools. Observing a dog groomer at work can help you to better understand their performance and to see if they use clean equipment

Adequate spacing and ventilation of cages or runs should be provided (including separate areas for dogs/cats). These issues are especially important in preventing transmission of infectious diseases such as kennel cough, as well fleas or ticks between pets in the warmer months. While all groomers typically provide bathing and nail trims, I find it also a nice service for particularly canine guardians that they also provide anal sac expression. If anal sacs become clogged or blocked, it can cause varying degrees of anal discomfort observed as scooting of the anus, itching of the area or inflammation and abscessation.

In addition, I also think it is great when groomers use shampoos and dips containing natural ingredients as opposed to harsh chemicals. In most cases groomers will happily provide this information to animal guardians on request.

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