Tips for National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Socializaing and proper training can reduce the risk of potential dog bites

Every year nearly 5 million Americans are bitten by dogs, with the highest incidence being in children and the elderly.  But with proper training and socialization, as well as educating children on when and how to approach strange dogs can all help in lessening dog bite injuries.

There are several tips pet owners can implement to lessen dog bite encounters. The cornerstone of any prevention is keeping dogs healthy and current on vaccinations such as rabies, as well as on both internal and external parasite control for heartworms and fleas and ticks. Healthy pets are less likely to bite.

In addition, one should never be impulsive when selecting a pet or breed.  Puppies should be socialized as young as possible during their vaccination series so that they are at ease around people and other pets. Neutering and spaying can decrease hormonal influences on aggressive behavior.  Walking and regular exercise help provide mental stimulation and augment health and wellbeing.

Always use a leash on pets in public, as well as use secure gates in backyards.   Always be alert for potentially dangerous situations, and teach children not to approach strange dogs without adults being present and/or permission from the animal guardians. Pet parents should never leave children and young babies alone with dogs.

For additional information, read 3 easy pet owner tips to help reduce the risk of dog bites from occurring.

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  1. Dr. Dym, I also noticed that many radio talk shows and other commercial media recommend different dog training program to curb aggressive behavior in dogs. Would you consider this appropriate natural approach?


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