Tips for Traveling with Your Pet During the Holidays

With the upcoming holiday season many pet owners will be traveling by car and bringing their pets along for the journey.  To help your pet become accustomed to the riding experience consider taking your pet out for a few short rides a few weeks before your scheduled trip.Proper restraint is critical for pets during long car trips.  I recommend both carriers for small dogs and cats, or car seats if preferred.   Because many pets can become carsick during travel, try feeding your pet only small meals before you leave. If your pet is known for becoming carsick, give an over the counter remedy such as Diphenhydramine (Generic Benadryl) which can help preventatively with motion sickness. I’ve found the homeopathic remedy Cocculus in 30c potency given before travel can also be helpful. If needed, a prescription medication such as Cerenia for nausea and/or sedatives like Acepromazine can also be used. Travel safely with your pet by using a car seat, carrier, or crate.

Once on the road, be sure to make frequent stops every few hours so that dogs can be walked and/or fed small meals.  Also, it’s important to bring doggie waste bags, as well as bottled water and dishes for meals, in case rest stops don’t have pet supplies.

If you worry your pet could become lost, adequate identification including a microchip implanted by your veterinarian can help to keep your mind at ease. Also consider adding your cell and home phone on your pet’s collar.

But above all, have fun! The holidays are a great time to make your pet feel like part of the family.

How has taking road trips with your pets been? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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