Tips for traveling with your pet

Take steps to ease your pet's travel anxiety

Vacationing and/or traveling with one’s pet can be one of the most emotionally and physically stressful times for both animal guardian and their companions. There are many tips I can offer that can reduce these stresses on our beloved animal companions. If you are going to travel by car or airplane, it is often helpful to do a test travel run first with your canine or feline family member.

Even putting them in a crate or carrier or for short car rides can give you an idea whether a pet handles motion well or becomes so emotionally stressed leading to motion sickness, excessive panting or vocalizing. While veterinarians can often offer prescription sedatives like Xanax or Acepromazine to sedate emotionally distressed animals, there are many natural alternatives that can help as well. Be Serene and Composure chews are two natural products I have found helpful in some pets in reducing emotional stress during travel. In addition to their emotional health, it is important to reduce physical stressors as well on our pets during travel. Remaining consistent with their diet/feeding schedule, as well as walks can help reduce unwanted digestive upsets and/or urinary tract infections.

A few emergency over the counter drugs are always helpful to have on hand, in case acute illness or trauma are encountered. Amongst these include Diphenhydramine (also generic Benadryl) in case of allergic reactions, children’s baby aspirin (not to be given to cats), and perhaps Imodium AD and Pepcid (which can be helpful in case of digestive upset). I find the stress of traveling also an important time to supplement for digestive tract health, including using probiotics and enzymes like Fast Balance and NaturVet Enzymes and Probiotics.

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