PetMeds® Topical Antibiotic Pet meds for Chronic Ear Problems

One of the more common questions presented in skin cases, is why their pet itches their ears so much even while on topical antibiotics, and the problem keeps recurring, as well as the over and over again veterinary office visits and costs. Recurrent ear inflammation with secondary ear itching, head shaking and increased wax, odor and discharge are often the signs of a secondary yeast or bacterial ear infection.  And while most vets will prescribe topical antibiotics like Tresaderm, Otomax, and Mometomax, which will often quickly relieve the discomfort, the problem often recurs at a later date.

That is because most dogs or cats with chronic ear issues like this often have underlying allergies as causing the secondary ear infections. Inhalant or contact allergens to grass, trees, dander, dust mites, pollens, and molds to name a few, as well as food allergens, all may be potentially involved with recurrent ear infections in dogs. And unless these underlying potential causes are addressed, the problem will continue to recur. Sometimes even dogs with hormonal problems like low thyroid levels can have recurrent ear infections. And while it is important to treat the secondary yeast or bacterial infections of the ears, many pets will often need preventative ear maintenance, while the above potential causes are worked through by your veterinarian. I’ve found excellent cleaners like Malacetic Otic often quite helpful in keeping yeast and bacterial overgrowth down in the ears, as well as nonprescription topical products like Zymox Otic quite helpful in managing chronic problem ears.

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  1. My 10-year-old cat has a polyp on her intact eardrum that is causing a chronic ear infection. A bacterial culture revealed three pathogens, one of which is pseudomonas. The polyp is obstructing approx. 80% of her ear canal. Viscous medications have trouble penetrating the canal, besides which the pseudomonas has become resistant to topical and oral antibiotics. How can the infection be kept down (managed) over time? The only curative measure would be a complex and prohibitively expensive surgery by a specialist to remove the ear canal (because of the way it is attached along the canal, the polyp cannot simply be pulled up). The only alternative to ear surgery that our veterinarian presented was euthanasia, which seems unthinkable.

    Thank you for any suggestions you may have —

  2. Dr. Michael Dym, VMD veterinarianMarch 18, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Might be worthwhile to try topical zymox otic PLUS formula which was developed for infections like this. Check 1800petmeds to see if they have this specific formulation available. I would also treat her with oral antibiotics for this difficult infection, as well as ask vet about new prescription topical medicine called Posatex

  3. I have been recommened to try Pellitol but I cant find it… Is it called something else

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