Veterinarian Dr. Dym’s recommended pet products

What products does a veterinarian recommend?

There are several products that I love in my everyday practice of veterinary medicine. With my interest in more preventative nutritional aspects of small animal care, there are indeed several products that I have used over the years that I have found tremendously helpful in a wide variety of conditions, both in terms of helping prevent disease as well as in helping manage disease.

One of the most versatile and economic products I have found quite useful in a wide variety of cases is Vetri-DMG liquid by Vetri-Science. This is one of the biggest secrets in both nutritional veterinary and human medicine. From boosting cellular energy to strengthening the immune system in both conditions of an under-active immune system, such as those pets with immune suppressive viruses like cats with Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) or dogs with Parvovirus or distemper, to those diseases with an overactive immune system called autoimmune diseases, this supplement indeed helps balance the immune system so that it functions optimally in both people and pets. It can help as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent, as well as improving circulation in those pets with heart disease. It promotes antioxidant activity in the body by promoting glutathione and SAMEe synthesis, which is why I often use it with other antioxidants like Proanthozone, Denosyl, or Cell Advance 880. Antioxidants like these help reduce inflammation and free radical formation that are involved with a myriad of degenerative, inflammatory, and even cancerous diseases in the body.

Dr. Dym's Recommended Pet Products

Some other additional uses of Vetri-DMG are in regulating sugar metabolism, not only in conditions of hypoglycemia, but also in helping production of hormones like insulin. I have also found it helpful as an adjunct in seizure management of our pets, often allowing us to use lower dosages of prescription drugs in controlling seizures in pets. Along with the other antioxidants listed here, Vetri-DMG can help protect DNA, and has anti-tumor properties. And the additional wonderful benefit I love is that pets often love the taste of this easy to administer palatable liquid.

In addition to many of the above products in helping reduce allergies in our pets, other supplements like Yucca Intensive and Super Pure Omega 3 have also been successful in my hands in helping reduce allergies, arthritis, and other inflammatory disorders in our pets. There is no better value for the dollar in joint supplementation than Super Joint Enhancer, whose combination of MSM and glucosamine can help better restore joint function in aging pets. Along with good multivitamins like VitaChews and Super VitaChews, combining several of these products listed here can help be a part of preventative nutritional programs in most pets.

I truly believe that through good nutritional protocols, regular exams, and checkups with your veterinarian, we can indeed go a long way in preventing many common and increasing immune mediated, cancerous, and degenerative organ and joint diseases in our animal companions.


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  1. My male cat has had treatment for UTI and blockage. He will not eat the special diet the Vet recommends (Hill’s). He prefers only his store-bought diet of Fancy Feast and dry Healthy Weight. I need supplements that help this condition and a UT health diet that he WILL eat. Any information on this will be appreciated. Thank you.

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