Why do dogs (and sometimes cats) eat grass?

One of the most common questions I’m often asked by animal guardians is, “Why does my dog (or cat) tend to eat grass?” While there are many possible theories and explanations to this frustrating behavior, many times we are left not understanding why many pets eat grass. Firstly, it should be known that dogs and cats in the wild will often nibble on greens and grasses in order to purge themselves or cleanse their systems, so to speak. The chlorophyll and other ingredients in fresh grasses are often the most effective natural detoxifying ingredients around.

If dogs or cats are not feeling well or have an inflamed digestive tract, animal guardians will often note an increased tendency to eat grass, especially during periods of discomfort or active intestinal symptoms. In other cases, many pets will eat grass even when they are feeling well. Many used to think that this meant that there was some dietary or trace mineral deficiency that accounts for this behavior. And while that is certainly possible, it is often difficult to prove.

So what do I recommend to those clients who ask me what to do for their pets who eat grass frequently? I first make sure that such pets are on a minimally processed natural diet. Diets by Pet Guard and Wysong are amongst my favorite choices. I also make sure all pets are on a good multivitamin supplement such as Vitachews, as well as an excellent digestive enzyme/probiotic blend. Naturevet Enzymes and Probiotics, as well as Animal Essentials probiotic/enzyme, and Mitomax by Imagilin are some of my preferred choices for enzymes and probiotics.

I will also suggest adding fresh veggies to a pet’s diet such as cooked broccoli, kale, wheat grass, and even sometimes instruct clients to “juice” for their animals. This increasingly common practice is often done by health-conscious people for themselves using fresh fruits and greens blenderized into a liquid, is a wonderful way of providing mega amounts of antioxidants, trace minerals and nutrients in an easily assimilable liquid form that most pets will readily accept.

No matter what the cause is of this odd behavior, I always implement a dietary and supplement protocol when approaching these pets in a preventative fashion.

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