PetMeds® Winter Flea Control

While we’re all aware of the cold wintry weather that December and holiday time can bring to most areas of the country, this is a time of year when animal guardians often become very lax about their flea control programs.  In fact, just this week in the clinic, a woman presented her flea-ridden indoor-only cats very upset, not understanding how her indoor cats could get fleas especially when there have been several cold frosty nights in a row. Fleas can still survive some cold temperatures, which is why year-round flea control is recommended by most vets

What people often don’t realize is that in much of the northern two thirds of the country, flea season usually does not peak until mid to late fall (often around Halloween) as leaves begin to fall and make a nice hiding place for fleas to grab onto either pets’ or guardians’ legs who are passing against the leaves.  In many areas fleas remain quite a problem right up through the New Year, while of course in many southern areas, as well as inside even northern homes, fleas can be a problem all year.

That is why most veterinarians recommend year-round flea control with effective products like Frontline Plus or Advantage.  Not only with regular use and environmental control measures will one prevent annoying fleas in their home, but given the increasing numbers of diseases carried by both fleas and ticks, a continuous flea/tick preventative program will help prevent many serious illnesses not only in pets, but in people as well, as there are some diseases like Bartonella for example, that is transmitted by contact with flea larvae, etc and can cause rare serious illness in people.

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