Attention pet moms! Enter our Instagram giveaway

Mother’s Day is around the corner and yes, that includes pet moms! To celebrate all pet moms do for their furry “kids” we’re giving away a chic prize bundle on our Instagram profile tomorrow. See below for a sneak peek. Interested in winning? It’s easy to enter!

WIN a prize bundle for National Pet Month

As a pet parent you know there’s an unlimited list of items you need to keep your dog or cat healthy and happy. Whether it’s food, treats, new toys or medications these items can quickly add up. Starting today and throughout the month of May, you can sign up for a chance to win our latest prize bundle which includes several pet products that’ll make both you and your pet […]

[New Product] Instantly control dog barking with the Bark Genie

Springtime means outdoor time! While pet owners and their pets are out walking, playing and enjoying the change of season, this time of year could also create additional distractions for your dog causing him or her to be on alert. It’s no secret that barking is your dog’s way of alerting and protecting your family from potential dangers, but in some cases this natural alarm system can become frustrating not […]

PetMeds’ Pets Share Their Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at PetMeds! A wise fortune cookie message once read “Value your present moments”, and the Thanksgiving holiday allows us a special time to do this as well as reflect on all the things we’re thankful for.  But what about our pets? If they could talk, what would our pets be thankful for? So naturally, we asked a few of our employees to share their […]

Celebrate Plush Animal Lover’s Day with a PetMeds Max Doll

Does your pet have a favorite plush toy he or she likes to play with? I’d like to think my two Beagles, Ender and Riley, enjoy a good stuffed toy yet they always want to de-stuff them, too. Of course it still doesn’t prevent me from buying them new toys. So what’s better than buying a new stuffed toy you know you’re dog will love? How about getting one for […]

So Doggone Cute for Halloween

The following is a guest post by Leigh Wendinger at The Halloween season is upon us and there is no better way to celebrate than with your closest friends and family.  Is your dog on that list?  Well, if not, he or she should be!  Halloween is enjoyable for all ages and all species so when you are gearing up for your late October fun don’t forget to include […]

Join the Fun! National Dog Week Giveaways

If you’re a dog owner it may seem that every week is National Dog Week, but to kick off the official week we’ll be having a new giveaway each day on our Facebook page. What are some of the prizes? Glad you asked! Some of them include: dental kits, treat packages, ThunderWorks products, and interactive laser toys! How do you get in on the winning? Easy! Hit “Like” on our […]