Bella Attends The Post Le Chien Trunk Show At The Cosmopawlitan Cafe & Pet Boutique

The day following the fashion show Le Chien in Palm Desert, the Trunk Show was held at Cosmopawlitan Cafe .   The Cosmopawlitan Cafe is a wonderful pet boutique on El Paseo in Palm Desert and is a fun place to go for a treat or gift for your pup.  It is not hard to find and has lots of parking in the back.  Here is the front of the store:

The front of the Cosmopawlitan Cafe

The Le Chien trunk show was held at the Cosmopawlitan Cafe

Once inside, it was like being in heaven!  There were so many wondrous things — books, toys, clothes, treats, bowls, jewelry, and soft beds!  I knew exactly where I wanted to be, and found a cute and comfy little bed to climb into.  I always manage to find the neat little hiding places that give me a good view of the room:

Bella found a comfy spot

And just look at these treats!  There were Peanut Butter & Yogurt Truffles, Chicken Liver Basketballs, Birthday Bones, fancy cakes, and so much more!

An assortment of delicious dog treats

Soon the guests began to arrive and before long the room was bustling with the energy of shoppers excited to see what they came for.   A Trunk Show is typically where the fashions worn on the runway during a show are made available for sale to the public.  The designer, the fabulous Linda Higgins, was donating a portion of the proceeds to The Humane Society of the Desert.   There was also press there, taking pictures and here is the link to the article that appeared in Palm Springs Life!  There are pictures of me and my furrends in the article, too!

Soon it was time to return home, leaving behind the bright lights and socializing with celebrities and beautiful fashion models, and get back to the business of  being the Pombassador of SCPR.  I got to snuggle into my carseat and catch up on missed sleep.

Bella relaxes after her busy day

Love, Bella

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  1. PawsAreMadeForWalkinMarch 29, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Does anyone actually read or care about Bella?

  2. I just love keeping up with her and knowing what she is doing. We have a female pom and are always looking for
    ever so cute clothes..Thanks

  3. What? Are you living under a rock somewhere and you don’t know what a gift she is to rescue? This dog and her Mom are highly respected and admired.

  4. PawsAreMadeForWalkin:
    Actually , to answer your less than useful question – YES. People do read , follow and care about Bella , a whole lot more than is beyond your comprehension obviously.

  5. Love that you found a nice little hidey-place at the show. I’m not much on fur-kid treats myself but they do look yummy.
    Despite the rude comment above , rest assured , you are certainly loved by many.
    You/Mommy do so much for so many that need/deserve it and a whole bunch of people do care! Much love to you , Cutie.

  6. I am fun of this pet boutique. It’s really so helpful for all pet lover person. In here you will get all kinds pet’s boutique.

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