Bella gets new wheels!

Hi everypawdy, it’s me, Bella!  I have some new wheels and I want to bark about them in this blog.  Whenever Mommy takes me to a big event, I always travel in my stroller.  My first stroller had a lot of miles on it, including airline miles from a couple of airplane trips–one to Evansville, Illinois to tape the PetMeds Commercial, and another to Ft Lauderdale, Florida to meet my PetMeds family!  Now it is time to retire the beat up buggy so PetMeds has sent a new one: the Sport model by Pet Gear (PG8030), and it is my favorite color of pink.  The box arrived and Mommy took this picture of me before it was all put together:

Image 1 102513

It was soooo easy to put together!   Just follow the instructions in the instruction manual and it took Mommy less than 20 minutes.  No fancy tools were necessary.  It wasn’t long before it was all put together and ready for a test drive!

Bella's new stroller was easy to assemble

I usually like to ride standing up so I can bark at everypawdy and warn them that there is a woman driver pushing this stroller, and they better get out of the way if they know what’s good for them!

Bella enjoys riding in her stroller standing up

For my safety, there is a tether inside the stroller that Mommy always attaches to my harness.   That way I can’t jump out when she’s not looking and run off; it is an extra measure of safety against somepawdy just dognapping me too!

The stroller has a tether inside for extra safety

Another thing that Mommy really likes is the extra detachable basket just below the pet compartment.  We didn’t have that on the old stroller, so when we went shopping all the junk she bought ended up in the stroller compartment with me and didn’t leave me much room:

This stroller has a handy detachable basket at the bottom

The stroller also zips up so that the pet compartment is completely enclosed in bug-proof mesh.  I suppose I should tell the Pet Gear people that it also saves the lives of all those Great Danes and German Shepherds out there from being attacked by little Pomeranians like me who like to bark at big dogs…the bigger the dog, the louder I bark:

The stroller zips up and has a bug-proof mesh

My new Pet Gear stroller also folds down flat so that it can fit into a small amount of space.  It is very simple to fold down as well as open up.  It also has wheel locks that are easy to set and release with one foot!

This PetGear stroller easily folds down flat for storage

Thank you, PetMeds, for my new stroller from Pet Gear!   I hope to be  able to put as many miles on it as I did the old one!

Love, Bella

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  1. Bella, you are one sweet puppy and I love you very very much. Keep up the good work helping other Poms that need help. You are one great puppy for sure.

    <3 you


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