Bella Goes Fishing For The Secret To A Shiny Coat, Healthy Skin and Good Health

Bella knows pets like to look their best

Hello everypawdy, it’s me again, Bella Pomeranian.  All of us pets are interested in looking the very best we can,  and as we grow older we get a little more critical as the age difference increases between ourselves and those cute younger pups. We spend a lot on clothes, potions and lotions.  We look in the mirror at our behinds and wonder if our designer harnesses make us look fat.  As I wag my tail and look at myself in the mirror I wonder if I am doing everything that I should be doing to stay fit, trim, and healthy.

You are what you eat!

We all have heard the old yarn “You are what you eat.”  Intuitively that sounds about right, but is that all there is my furrends? All of us rely on the food  we get in our bowls that our pawrents give us, so it is our pawrents who hold the key to our nutrition. This Blog is dedicated to our pawrents, in the hopes that the “take away” after reading this is that we need a little bit more than just what is in the can or in the kibble bag. Let me tell you about Omega 3 fish oil and why it is so important:

Pets rely on the food provided to them

Most pet dogs and cats are fed a processed diet,  purchased as either a canned, kibbled, semi-moist or fully dehydrated product. This processing is done at very high temperatures that remove all of the nutritional benefits of the essential fatty acids that were in the ingredients before processing. They are termed as essential because they cannot be manufactured by our bodies and must be found in the food  we eat. Omega 3 deficiencies show up as coat and skin problems:  dry flaky skin, excessive shedding, chronic ear infections, hot spots, and sores that won’t heal. Processed pet foods are already abundantly supplemented in Omega 6 fatty acids; it is the Omega 3 fatty acids that are deficient and need to be supplemented.

The best source of Omega 3 fatty acid is from fish that swim in icy cold waters

The best source of Omega 3 fatty acid is from fish that swim in icy cold waters, such as anchovy, sardine, tuna and salmon, and is preferred over the Omega 3 found in plant sources. Omega 3 is also found in the livers of cod fish, but because those fish also store other elements in their livers, researchers have found that the oil stored in fish bodies is better for us than the oil stored in fish livers. I am currently testing the Super Pure Omega 3 Soft Chews from 1-800-PetMeds that are available in two sizes: one for cats and small dogs, and another for medium and large dogs. The soft chews are much easier for me to eat, they are chicken liver flavored and very tasty. They are also shaped like little fishies and I practiced a lot for this next photo:

Bella practiced a lot for this photo!

My veterinarian has told me that I should not expect dramatic changes too soon, and that it often takes as much as month or more to fully see improvements in skin and coat. These changes begin at the cellular level inside the body and happen very gradually. A lot more changes can’t be seen at all,  but are evident in your pet’s overall well-being and mental acuity. Studies also show that diets rich in Omega 3 provide relief from inflammation caused by osteoarthritis, thus less pain and less need for pain-reducing medication.

Bella found that the Omega 3 soft chews are very tasty

I am so glad these little Omega 3 Soft Chews are very tasty, it makes me think that I am getting a treat for being a super good girl!



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  1. Thank you Bella. So informative. I love my Salmon and never really thought if my pets would like fish prouducts too. 13 years ago my boyfriends husky stoled half of my bagel off my plate that had lox and to my horror rubbed her face and body on it. Never did eat fish near her again. Lol. Maybe she was on to something there. Will try product. Nice balancing act there. Good girl!

  2. I read your blog and learned that I have been doing right by my Pommie babies by giving GOOD treats like these treats. Thank you, Bella for sharing this knowledge with everyone! 😀

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