Bella Goes To K9 Corner

Yesterday was a big day for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue! Not because it was just another beautiful day in sunny Southern California, but because the Volunteers and their foster dogs were invited to visit with Meagan Medick of The K9 Corner TV Show! SCPR is being showcased on this episode to help us find furrever homes for the dogs that we have in our rescue here in Southern California. Here I am with Meagan and the camera man setting up the scene and doing the sound and lighting checks before beginning to interview the volunteers and just a few of the dogs that are available for adoption:

Image 1 (3) 090613

The show was taped outdoors in the lovely surrounds of Delthorne Park in Torrance, CA. The show, K9 Corner, features great tips and deals for pet owners and serves as a resource for pet care, safety, nutrition, and everything doggie related! The show airs on Torrance CitiCABLE, Time Warner channel 3 or Verizon FiOS channel 31 and can be seen twice daily at 12:00pm and 8:00pm PST. The episode featuring SCPR will begin on September 11th for the entire week; it will also be on YouTube.  Here is my furrend and fellow volunteer Shanna Olson introducing Tico, who is an 8 year-old male Maltese mix available for adoption through SCPR.  He is just as cute and playful as can be!

Image 2 090613

This is Ralph….he is the one wearing the hat, and Ralph is holding Simba, a puppy-mill survivor. Simba is still looking for his furrever home where he does not have to spend his days in a dirty crate.  Since he has been with SCPR, he has come to know what it is like to be groomed and have a clean soft bed to sleep on:

Image 3 090613

This is little Megan, and she found a nice little hidey place all of her own inside the camera man’s camera bag. I think she was trying to tell us all that she wanted to go home with him!

Image 4 090613

Mommy and I had a chance to tell a little bit about my role as Pombassador and about the Bella Blankie Project.

Image 5 090613

If you would like to know more about Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, or if you would like information about adopting your next dog, you can find a lot of helpful information on their Facebook page in the notes section.

Mark your calendars for September 11th (I know….it is an important day for a lot of reasons) and check the K9 Corner’s page and YouTube channel for the entire show! There were so many more volunteers and dogs at the taping than I can possibly cover in this blog, so tune it to see everyone who was there!  To Meagan Medick and the Crew of K9 Corner TV, thank you so much for giving us this pawesome opportunity to tell our story to help the dogs of SCPR.



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  1. Beautiful Bella Pomeranian was one of my very first 2009 Facebook friends, whose Angels on Earth paw-rents I immediately admired and supported. My canid and hoo-man recipients, of numerous Bella’s Blankies, were all thrilled, with them! Moreover, meeting Bella, her paw-rents, Deedee and Tommy, and their volunteer/friend, Ginger, at the July 21, 2013, Southern California Pomeranian Rescue’s Lancaster PetSmart Adoption Event, with my daughter, Jacqui Gritsch of Los Angeles, and my little rescued Lakshmi, was one of the highlights, of my life! I have continued, and will continue, to love, admire, and support adorable little Pombassador Bella, and all of her pom-tastic causes!

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