Bella Honors Dads on Father’s Day

This coming Sunday, June 16th, Fathers will get another day all of their own.  About a year ago I was inspired to create an album on my Facebook page honoring all the Dads who love their Poms, inviting my furrends to send me pictures of themselves with their Dads.  I have pictures of Poms riding on Harleys, on horseback, in big rigs, belly packs and in bicycle baskets. Mommy found some pictures of me  with my Daddy when I was just a puppy at 6 months. This is the best one:

Bella poses with her dad

There are fun things that I like to do with my Daddy. He teaches me new tricks when Mommy isn’t looking, like how to ask for more food by politely sitting pretty like I am doing in this picture:

Bella's dad teaches her fun new tricks

I get to go to work every day with my pawrents to their office. Sometimes I even get to sit up front on top of the desk and help Daddy with very important paperwork! Here Daddy and I are collaborating on something:

Bella helps her dad with important paperwork

After work, Daddy likes to play Pool and sometimes he will let me play too. He shows me how to line up the balls for a good shot like this:

Bella and her dad play pool

Then at the end of the day, Daddy will tuck me into my Sock Monkey Bed with a nighty-night kiss, and I will say my prayers for all the pets who are homeless tonight so that they will find homes with a Daddy as wonderful as mine.

Bella's dad tucks her into her favorite sock monkey bed



(Bella is the Star of the 2011 PetMeds television commercial and the Pombassador of Southern California Pomeranian Rescue)

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  1. I love reading your blogs. You and your pawrents do so much for pommies who need fur ever homes that you are am inspiration to all. Keep posting. We love you Bella.

  2. Bella what a wonderful family you have♥

  3. Love hearing from you Bella, you are something very special!

  4. I just love a story with a HAPPY ending..♥

  5. Bella, it’s always a pleasure to read your blog and posts!!! We all LOVE you *MUAH* –Isn’t it amazing the metamorphosis that Pomeranians go through!? Thank you for sharing your photo’s. Happy Father’s day to your Daddy!

  6. Fabulous blog Bella!
    Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads out there:)

  7. Bella you is a true star and so loverly to see pics of you with daddy and hear about your wonderful relationship with each other xoxoxox

  8. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man!!! Loved your blog as always!!! Happy Father’s Day to all the daddys and mommys that have to fill the role! <3

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