Bella Prepares For Her First Live Q&A With PetMeds

Hi everypawdy!! It’s me, Bella, again. PetMeds has invited me to do a Live online Q & A session, just like Dr. Dym gets to do on the PetMeds Facebook page, so all of my PetMeds fans can ask me any question they want to ask. I have been preparing for it all week, wondering what kind of questions I would be asked.

Bella, busy preparing for her Facebook live Q&A session

Two years have passed since I won the 2011 PetMeds Next Pet TV Star Contest. It’s hard to believe that much time has gone by!  In that time I have been able to go to so many places and meet so many new furrends. Since then I have been able to complete Canine Good Citizen and right now I am training to be a registered Therapy Dog, with two of three field observations completed and one more to go. I am also still the Pombassador of Southern California Pomeranian Rescue and attend as many of the adoption events as possible with our foster Poms.

Bella's Canine Good Citizen award

I’m ready for my Q & A, surrounded by some things that are meaningful to me:  some Hello Kitty stuffies,  my Therapy Dog study book The Power Of Wagging Tails, and all Princesses should have a real Princess as an idol:  mine is Diana, Princess of Wales.  She always remembered to help the less fortunate.

Bella's idol is Princess Diana

Bella, surrounded by things that are meaningful to her

So now the most important thing for me to do is get a good night’s sleep! I want to be bright-eyed, alert  and bushy-tailed tomorrow for the Q&A! Nighty night, Bailey Gilmer at Rainbow Bridge, I have you in my heart my furrend.

Bella resting up for her big day



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  1. Such a touching blog, Bella. You are truly an inspiration!

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