Bella Reaches A Milestone: 600 Bella Blankies And Still Sewing…

It was in July of 2010 that we started down this path, never knowing that the 20 fleece blankies that  Mommy made and donated to Southern California Pomeranian Rescue would continue on as one of the best and most loved fundraisers for SCPR.  Fast forward to now, and Mommy has actually made over 600 of them and they are still as popular as ever.  My furrends really love that I  pose for a photo with every blankie that is ordered and it is posted on my Facebook page.  In fact, it was one of those photos that Mommy entered in the 2011 PetMeds Next Pet TV Star contest that I won, and sent me into the homes of millions of PetMeds customers over the television and in the printed ads that you still see when you order something.  It was a Red, White, and Blue Bella Blankie, made especially for the Fourth of July holiday.  Here is that photo:

Bella poses on a Red, White, and Blue Bella Blankie, made especially for the Fourth of July holiday.

Mommy made the pattern, not difficult at all when it involves only four straight lines to sew.  Mommy shops the sales at the fabric store and uses the sale coupons to get the fabric prints that are popular for dogs and cats.  Each blankie is two layers of fleece, one print paired with a contrasting solid.  There are two sizes, the large one is 24″ x 36″ and the small on is 18″ x 24″, with fringe.  Last week there were three surprise cartons delivered from my furrend Miss Edie:

Surprise cartons delivered from Bella's furrend Miss Edie

Want to know what was inside?  Just lookie!  My furrend Miss Edie sent some new fleece prints for more Bella Blankies!  I am so excited because Miss Edie knows how much I just LOVE anything with Hello Kitty on it.  I even tell people that my hair style is called “The Hello Kitty Cut”.  Well, I do look a little like Hello Kitty with my hair cut like this.  The first box that we opened had a pink Hello Kitty print and a jungle print with jungle birds, leopards, panthers and monkeys on it:

The cartons had new fleece prints for more Bella Blankies!

The next carton had a colorful hearts and ribbons pattern on a black background and a very cute print that is actually called “Naughty Puppies.”  Both of these are very colorful and can be paired with another contrasting solid fleece to make a very pretty blankie.

Surprise package are fun!

It is always fun to get surprise packages in the mail and I have a lot of fun opening them.  There is one more carton left.   It has another Hello Kitty print in it, this one is lavender and it is so pretty!  There is also a Mickey Mouse print on blue.

There is also a Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse print

These fabrics are all so nice and will make some really pawesome Bella Blankies.   Mommy will get these fabrics added to our album of fabrics so that they will be available to order.  They can be seen soon in my albums on my Facebook page Bella Pomeranian, go to my Photos > Albums > Bella Blankies Fabrics Catalog .  There you will find photos of all of the fabrics we have available, complete with instructions on how to order.  100% of the proceeds go to Southern California Pomeranian Rescue to help pay expenses of  rescue. Mommy also has a creative way of helping cats and dogs by using the scraps too. The scraps are cut into strips about 1″ wide and 36″ long, and she gives bags full of these strips to local  veterinarians to use as e-collar ties.  They make great e-collar ties because they are festive, soft and tie in a nice bow:

Even the fabric scraps go to help dogs and cats



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  1. Would love to see Bella in more commercials… she is such a great role model for all breeds… her mommy is so dedicated and generous.

  2. I really miss seeing Bella in the PetMeds commercials. She has such an extraordinary talent. I hope to see her back on television in the very near future. Paws up for Bella Pomeranian:)

  3. Beautiful Bella!

  4. I love Bella! I miss not seeing her in PetMeds commercials. She is a natural in front of the camera.

  5. Hi Bella…Guess what if we had not seen you in the commercial we never would have ordered from Pet Meds!!
    Our Dog Harley is waiting for his Pet Med order….and the yummy Bone they put in the order!!!..Hope we get to see you in a commercial again..LUV UR BLOG♥♥

  6. I love reading Bella’s blogs. She is such an inspiration and ambassador for Pommies and just dogs in general.

  7. Another WONDERFUL blog Bella! You and your Mom do AMAZING things for dogs needing new homes and your dedication is like no other. I sure miss seeing you on the PetMeds commercials. We should start a campaign to bring Bella back on the commercials.

  8. What a Great blog Bella…Also never get tired of the wonderful little Blankies that you & Mommy have made…I give them as gifts & donate them to special events. Keep up the good work! Boo & I will follow You always, Julia S.

  9. Bella,
    Thank you for all you do to save animals, and bringing awareness to the importance of adopting animals. You have done to much to save lives. God bless you and your Mommy.

    PS. We love our Bella Blankies!!!


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