Bella takes part in National Dress in Blue Day!

Hi everypawdy, it’s me again, Bella! This year, National Dress in Blue Day is Friday, March 7th. It was first recognized in 2009 to bring attention to colon cancer by the Colon Cancer Alliance. It also celebrates all of those who have been affected by colon cancer, like my furrend Bill who lives across the street from me.

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Not everypawdy is happy about going to the dogtor when you have troubles with your lower plumbing, right? Sometimes you may not even have any symptoms, but the Colon Cancer Alliance is there for help with information that you need. In fact, the entire month of March is National Colon Cancer awareness month. Here is a picture of me in my blue Qipao, a national dress of China:

Bella models her blue Qipao, a national dress of China:

By going “Blue” on National Dress in Blue Day, you are reminded to get proactive and see your dogtor for an appointment for a colonoscopy. This is a disease that often has no symptoms until it is in the final stages. Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the US and the second leading cause of cancer death. Regular screening should begin at age 50. Both of my pawrents, I am happy to report, are proactive about this and have gone for their third screenings recently. Both of them have come away smiling like I am in this picture:

Regular colonoscopies are important if you are 50 or over

There are currently more than one million colon cancer survivors in the United States, according to statistics that are compiled from the American Cancer Society Colorectal Facts & Figures 2011-2013. Read more statistics at that link.  If you have more questions, they have a free Helpline Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET at (877) 422-2030 or email  Wear something Blue today and post your photo to my Facebook page!

Dress in blue to bring awareness to colon cancer

I would like all of my pet furrends to bark at their pawrents about this, especially if they are 50+ and have not done this yet!



(Bella Pomeranian stars in the PetMeds television commercial!)

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  1. my Harley looks like Bella or Bella looks like my harley 🙂 amazing…

  2. Love her…..can I send pics of my harley? How much does Bella weigh? My Harley is 3.2 lbs just weighed him last Sunday.

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