Bella Talks About Dealing With Grief

My family has had a loss this week: my sister Lois went over Rainbow Bridge.  Rainbow Bridge is a place between here and there, where the animals go to wait for their human companions to meet them and go on the rest of the way to Heaven together.

Bella's sister Lois went over Rainbow bridge

Lois was much older than me.  My pawrents adopted her from rescue twelve years ago, so she could have easily been fifteen years old or more. This is Lois that first Halloween, wearing a pink ballet tutu that Mommy made for her costume.  She was always very athletic and loved to run and jump.

Lois was adopted from rescue 12 years ago.

Lois had been rescued from the animal shelter where she had been picked up as a stray, and a rescuer came to get her out before she met a terrible fate.  My pawrents were looking for a Pomeranian and they don’t remember quite how the connection was made, but they adopted Lois. Because of that nice lady that rescued her, and because my pawrents were there to adopt her, Lois was able to live the next twelve years in the embrace of love with a family.   This is a picture of Lois just before she passed:

Bella's sister Lois, not long before she passed to Rainbow bridge.

She grew older and her face grew more white, and she slowed down just a little but always chased the birds in the yard and barked at the garbage trucks every Monday.  Old age and old bones caught up with her and we had to let her go, but we are very sure that there was a huge Welcoming Committee waiting for her at Rainbow Bridge.

The Welcoming Committee for Lois

We will miss her tossing her toys around just before mealtime, and hearing her snore under the big bed where she loved to sleep.  Her long life is really a tribute to the people who do the work of rescue everywhere, saving animals from being disposable too soon.  We are looking at the bigger picture that she was an example of, and encourage people to adopt their pets from rescue.  Because of dogs like Lois, I am so fortunate to be the Pombassador for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.

We pets don’t make out wills, but if I could, I would want my pawrents to get another dog from rescue right away.  Saving another life would be the best way to honor mine after I have gone to Rainbow Bridge.  I will be waiting for them along with all the pets that came before me and will come after me, and together we will finish crossing Rainbow Bridge over to Heaven and this is what we will see:


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  1. What a wonderful article and beautiful tribute to Lois. I hope there are many rescue Poms who find such a loving home as yours to spend their lives in total happiness. Again our deepest condolences for you loss. <3

  2. My sweet, articulate Facebook “fur-niece,” Bella Pomeranian-kins, you are not only the most pomtastic little Pommie ever, but your beautiful Pommie-Mommie DeeDee Townsend is an “Angel on Earth”! ():=)

  3. Thank you for sharing your loss Bella. Lois was Bruce’s favorite! He can’t say why, but he just loved her. Probably the cute grizzled nose with her yet still expressive eyes saying, I have SO much love, I can give you some if YOU some if like?!

  4. What an amazing tribute to your sister. Our dog is a rescue and we are thankful for the joy he brings us. It will be a sad day when he passes but we focus on the joy he has brought to our family and the comfort we have given him. Thank you for continuing to spread the word about the forgotten dogs that outgrew their puppy cuteness but still have love to give.

  5. Thank you Bella, for that heart touching story of Lois! As birth is a part of life, so is death. Your blog will bond closer the relationship twixt folk & their animals & it gets everyone thinking of how precious life is. The Book of Proverbs states in Chapter 12, verse 10, that, “Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.” (esv)

    I think we can get a rough idea on how we stand with God simply by how we treat His critters! Or not.

  6. Bella, this is a very beautiful tribute you wrote to your beloved sister Lois. Lois was a gorgeous girl and knew she was well loved. What a blessing to have had her in your life! <3

  7. This is beautiful. What a gift you gave to that frightened little stray; twelve years of alllllll the love and care and fun and play possible in this world. The p[ictures are beautiful too; the one of all the dogs waiting over the bridge particularly speaks to me. I am sure this is the way it will be. There can be no such thing as separation.

  8. Bella what a precious beautiful tribute to your sister Lois it’s definitely not easy when one of our furbabies cross over the Rainbow Bridge! We had an amazing Pommie Named Sassy she was the daughter of our 2 older Poms we rescued from shelters Scooby & Foxy. Sassy was such a sweetheart she would kiss everyone she met & she loved attention but when she was 4 we found out she had Renal Failure we did everything we could to try & help her but in the end we had to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge it was the hardest thing I ever had to do but I know she’s gonna be on the other side of the Bridge waiting for us when we get there wagging her tail,smiling healthy & happy picturing her that way again helps me deal with loosing her! The one good thing that did come from the lose of our baby girl we were able to rescue our new little baby girl Prissy who was only 10 weeks old but what she was living in was horrible & so heartbreaking not only did we save her we worked very hard & were able to shut the place down save a lot of other furbabies as well! Thank you for sharing the story of your sister with us it’s wonderful that your Mommy & Daddy were able to rescue her & give her a safe,loving amazing forever home! Here’s to all of the furbabies that crossed the rainbow bridge we look forward to seeing you again one day!!

  9. Amen…

  10. Thank you, Kellee. I am learning that there is always a lot of happiness standing behind the sadness. We just need to wipe our eyes, push the sadness aside, and then we will see the happiness again.

    Love, Bella

  11. I am in complete tears after reading this blog. Thank you for giving me this picture of the welcoming committee, and the idea of us crossing over the bridge together into Heaven. I so want this to be true.

    Love you, Sweet Bella.


  12. It gives my family great comfort to have this belief.

    Love, Bella

  13. I am crying also. We had to put our Mitzi down 4 months ago and the pain is still unbearable. My only consolation is that one day I will meet with her again at the Rainbow Bridge and I will be very happy. I loved her so much.

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