Bella Talks About Preventing Dognapping

Theft of pets is on the rise, especially of high-value dogs like Yorkies, Pomeranians, Maltese, and Boston Terriers.  The American Kennel Club reported that theft of pet dogs in 2011 was up by 32% over the previous year.  The dognappers will  target pet shops, dogs left in cars, dogs tied up outside a store while the owner is inside shopping.  Dogs are also taken during home burglaries, or left in accessible yards during the day while the owner is away.  During times of economic hardship, bad people get more creative and are very willing to take your dog so they can sell it to make a fast dollar….and not lose a moment of sleep about it, either.

Brazen thieves will target pet shops, where often the high-priced teeny pups are snatched right out of their display crates while an accomplice will distract shop clerks who don’t notice the pup being hidden in a purse or under a sweater while the thief saunters out the door.   Other thieves will break into a car to take the dog and other valuables while the owner is running an errand.  It takes mere  seconds to break a window, unlock the car doors to grab the dog and anything else worth taking.  Even though the windows on our car are tinted dark, you can still see me in this picture that we staged just for this blog:

Thieves can break into your car to steal your dog and other valuables

Leaving me in the car is not a good idea, I announce my presence and everypawdy in the parking lot can hear me.

Leaving Bella in the car is not a good idea!

I am just amazed at people who leave their dog tied up outside of a store or a restaurant.  While they are inside and not paying attention, there is always the chance that someone else may assume that the dog has been abandoned and take it; or even worse, take the dog to cash in on selling it to a science lab or to someone who will use it as a bait dog to train their fighting dogs to kill.  Yes, here is another picture that we staged just for this blog, so you can imagine what a tasty morsel I might be to a fighting dog or to someone who might be able to sell me:

Don't leave your dog tied up outside a store or restaurant

Whatever the scenario, the best pet pawrent should always be mindful of protecting their pets as they would their children:  never leave them unattended in a public place, secure the home and yard as best as possible, and be aware that there is always some bad person who is very willing to take from you anything that has value–including your dog.  We always want to be safe at home.

Bella shares tips on keeping your beloved dog safe



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