Bella Talks About SueSue: SueSue’s Story

Her picture was being shared around on Facebook, it was pretty pitiful.  Mommy looked into those eyes in the picture of her taken at the East Valley Animal Shelter, a Los Angeles City shelter located in Van Nuys, CA.  They had her sitting in a basket with fake flowers but none of that made her coat look good, and there was no mistaking the obvious: she had a massive tumor next to her right eye.  She had been picked up as a stray on May 31st, treated for infected ears, and her due out date was June 5th.  The networkers on Facebook were in a frenzy trying to find rescue for her, it was already the 18th of June and she was running out of time.  Here is that photo that was haunting Mommy because it almost looked like SueSue was crying with tears streaming down the sides of her muzzle:

SueSue was in desperate need of help

Mommy picked up the phone.  She had already committed to SueSue in her heart, but before telling anypawdy, it was important to get SueSue to safety before saying anything.  The call was made, Mommy told the shelter supervisor that she would be there to pick SueSue up that afternoon.  And Mommy did what she said she would do: drove down to Van Nuys and pulled SueSue out of the shelter and brought her home, under the protection of Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.

The tumor on her face had already been removed by the medical team at the shelter, it had burst.  While she was under the anesthesia, they also removed some terribly rotten and infected teeth.  She seemed to be doing well, but Mommy took her to see Dr. Aidan at H & M Veterinary Hospital the very next day and asked for a canine blood chemistry panel.  It was a good thing she did, because our SueSue had a raging infection going on somewhere in her body.  Dr. Aidan prescribed an antibiotic.  Here is SueSue before she could get cleaned up:

SueSue before getting all cleaned up

The next few days were not all smooth sailing for SueSue.   She lost her appetite.  When she ate, she would eat only chicken.  Just chicken.  If anything else got mixed with it, like rice or even vitamins, SueSue would refuse to eat it.  She would throw up her medications, so they were changed.  Gradually an improvement would come with each day moving forward; little things, like leaving her bed and joining the rest of us in the kitchen at meal time, became a milestone.  Eating more than just chicken was a cause for celebration.  Keeping her pills down and not throwing up was wondrous.  She was finally getting playful and well enough for a bath, so Mommy shaved down her dirty matted coat and put her in the tub.  SueSue is finally clean and soft and sweet smelling for the first time in who-knows-how-long.  Here is SueSue after her bath:

SueSue is clean and soft and sweet smelling for the first time after her bath

Now two weeks have passed since the tumor was removed, so today we took SueSue back to see Dr Aidan to have the metal staples removed.  SueSue was very calm about it, even took a catnap in the car.

SueSue was very calm and relaxed about going to have her staples removed

Inside the clinic, SueSue made friends with a young man who really liked to pet her, and SueSue liked the attention.  It was a good thing that SueSue had a bath!

SueSue makes a new friend

Pretty soon it was SueSue’s turn to see the dogtor.  While SueSue was inside getting her staples removed and a follow up blood panel, I posed for this picture in front of the window at the clinic:

Bella poses for a photo at the vet's office while waiting for SueSue

Afterwards, Mommy took us shopping.  We will get the results of SueSue’s blood test in the morning and I will post a comment to the blog about the results, so you can come back and check to see how this all turned out.  We will be taking SueSue to her first adoption event this coming Saturday.  Everypawdy pray real hard that SueSue will find the right forever home!

Bella and SueSue go shopping

Bella is the star of the PetMeds TV Commercial!

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  1. SueSues results were all within normal ranges so we have knocked the infection out. The adoption event isn’t Saturday, it is on Sunday July 1st at Petco in Brea, CA.

  2. Bella… This is a wonderful story. I cried when I saw the first picture of SueSue and it brings tears to my eyes (happy tears) to see how you and your family have embraced SueSue and saved her. Thank you and your family for all that you do in rescuing these precious dogs. Hugs.

  3. i had the pleasure of meeting sue-sue yesterday at auntie deedee’s house, where she was washing and brushin al the little guys to go t the adoption today. what a little character…slightly goofy and funny,.no beauty, but totally original and totally appealing! doggod bless pomadonna deedee for saving her life! someone who loves dogs who have personalities and looks that are ‘different’ will love her…….

  4. Thank you, Auntie Karen! SueSue had a great time at the adoption event. We didn’t have a very big turnout, seems that the holiday weekend has people pretty busy, but it was just another pawty for us dogs and the volunteers–we get together and visit. SueSue enjoyed getting taken for walkies and getting treats. We all did!

  5. Glenda M GalahanJuly 2, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    You and your mommy are so special and do so much or the
    little doggies. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives.

  6. Bella, I was one of those many networkers, and I remember the frenzy and worry about Sue. I know my friends didn’t like to see the photo of SueSue with that big lump on her head, but there was no way to pretend it wasn’t there, was there? There was another photo that was even sadder, if you can imagine that. When we heard your mommy would be saving SueSue it was such good news! Your are a very good reporter, and your story makes me happy. Thanks for the update, Bella. Best wishes to you and your mommy, and SueSue, always.

  7. Thank you Linda, SueSue has been getting better every day. Her first week was not easy for her but we think the worst is behind her now. We did find that other picture of her that you mentioned, of her lying on the floor in the shelter jail cell. Neither one of those pictures would have helped her find a home, and we are glad that we got her out. Love, Bella

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  9. I already mentioned earlier , above, that sue-sue is for someone who likes ‘different’ little doggies who are truly one-of-a-kind and have personalities all their own…i want everyone to look at two of the photos in this story that show her SINGLE FANG ON HER LEFT LOWER JAW!!!! don’t know what ever happened to the one on the right, or how a pom mix ended up with a lower jaw with fangs and a funny little face, but we figure she must have some boxer, or pug, or some kind of dog with protruding lower jaw. boy, is she cute!

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