Bella Talks about Synergy: A Bella Blankie is More Than Two Pieces of Fabric

Mommy is really the originator of the Bella Blankies, but how they got started and the crazy way they have become popular is all the work of a big magic word:  Synergy.

In July of 2010, Southern California Pomeranian Rescue accepted a plea from the South Hamilton Animal Alliance and the Jewell Animal Hospital in Jewell, IA for help with placing a large number of adult Pomeranian dogs that were being released from an Iowa puppy mill. Here is a picture of them with Dr. Lisa Hindle Deppe of Jewell Animal Hospital after leaving the puppy mill:

Dr. Lisa with Pomeranians released froma puppy mill and looking for a home.

Transport was arranged and soon 11 dogs were being driven to California and taken into rescue. Here is a picture of SCPR Volunteer Bruce and Precious Pets Transport driver Linda upon their arrival.

Precious Pets Transport ready to rescue Pomeranians in need.

Many volunteers gathered to receive the dogs, bathe them, groom them, and get them all ready to be picked up by the foster families who had agreed to foster them while SCPR worked to find them all homes. It was a hot and sunny day in Southern California and everypawdy got wet , even the volunteers!

Volunteers bathe and groom the Pomarnians so they are ready for their foster family.

Money needed to be raised to cover the expenses.  Mommy committed to making 20 fleece dog blankets to help raise the funds. She made her own pattern and had enough fleece to make 10 right away. We told everypawdy on my Facebook page about it. Here is the picture of me that we took on the very first one featured on Facebook:

Bella poses with the first Bella Blankie

The volunteers at SCPR dubbed them “Bella Blankies” after me, and my Facebook furrends really loved them. They are not sold, but anypawdy that makes a donation to SCPR can ask for one and Mommy will send it as her thanks for helping support SCPR. The donations pay for spay/neuter, microchipping, vet checks and treatment where it is necessary, vaccinations, dental care, and sometimes even life-saving surgeries. People from all over the world have Bella Blankies now: in Australia, Norway, France, Canada, England and Scotland too! Beginning with the very first Bella Blankie in July 2010, we are proud to have recently sent the *drumroll please* 500th Bella Blankie  to my furrend Theodore. Here is Theodore celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of his adoption:

Bella's friend Theodore with the 500th Bella Blankie

So if you are asking what any of this has to do with Synergy? Synergy is what you get when the whole is more than the sum of its parts. After all, it is just two pieces of fleece; but when they are sewn together with love and the hope that the lives of more dogs will be saved and placed into homes, it officially becomes a Bella Blankie.

And there, my furrends, you have it.

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  1. That was a great day Bella! The dogs getting hugs from your mommy all day was peachy! Glad we were available to help with our van in relaying the dogs to the location. The van smelled like poop and chickens (chicken poop too) for about 1 week! LOL.

    Precious Pets Transport are very good people! If you chose not to go with them, they are willing to educate you on what to ask and look for when shopping around. That is how compassionate for safe pet travel they are!

  2. Bella,
    You have made the world so different for so many poms .
    Thank you for all the work you and your family do to rescue the precious poms that have been rescued .
    Great job.


  3. Bella — Everytime I see your face on TV you make me smile. I would love to hold you and give you a good tummy rub. Thank you fort bring “puppy love” in my home. I am glad you are safe and well loved, as you should be. P.S. Where can I get a Bella Blankie for my Bichon “Lulu”?

  4. Hi Sue! You can find Bella’s Blankies exclusively at her Facebook page. It’s open to the public. Just follow the instructions to order either by Paypal or by snail-mail –

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