Bella Talks Hairstyles

The question that I am asked most frequently is what breed of dog I am.  Most people are surprised to learn that I am a Pomeranian.  Poms are supposed to have big poofy coats, but you have noticed that I have my coat trimmed pretty short.  Here is a picture of me as a puppy when I was about 4 months old:

Bella when she was a puppy, about 4 months old.

I had a nice coat that grew big and poofy. Since my pawrents live in the High Desert region of Southern California, my mom would take me to the groomer and ask for a “Puppy Cut” at the beginning of the summer just before it would get really hot.  Here is a picture of me with my Puppy Cut:

Bella looking adorable in her puppy cut.

My coat always grew back nice and poofy over the winters until I was about five years old, when it began to get thin, first on my sides and then on the backs of my legs, and then my neck.  We learned about Alopecia X, the mysterious thing that makes several different dog breeds, including Pomeranians,  lose their coats.  It is NOT a reason to put a dog down, but a dog with Alopecia X should not be bred.  The problem is, you don’t know if a dog has Alopecia X until he is several years old.  There is research being done now to try to identify a DNA marker for it, but none has been found yet.  Jiggy on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has lost his coat too.  Mommy has always liked my short coat anyway and thinks I am much cuter this way, so now she gets me pretty dresses and outfits to wear.   Here is a picture of me in one of my prettiest pawty dresses:

Bella's pretty party dress covers her hair loss caused by AlopeciaX.

A lot of people have suggested many things to help grow my coat back, and Mommy has honestly tried them: Melatonin, thyroid supplements, special shampoos and exfoliants,  raw food diet, no poultry products diet, but so far none of that stuff has worked for me.  Despite all of that, most would agree that I look fine just the way I am.

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  1. Raw food diet works really well when you use it exclusively. Mixing in ‘crap in a bag’ will never allow your body to heal……

  2. You have the purrtiest dresses Bella Boo and we think you are adorable. The Pom Ziggy on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills also has Alopecia X so he always wears clothes too. Some people make fun of him for wearing clothes but they don’t know that he needs clothes to protect his skin which can burn in the California sun.

  3. Bella You are Beautiful. And Your Cloths are Beautiful. I Get Midknight and Mystique Puppy Or Teddy Bear Clip in The Summer here in Arkansas. But From now on Just Going to getthem Shaped up not Clipped. Midknight Can’t Control his Body Temp anymore He is 13 1/2. Mystique She For Some reason Takes So long to get her Coat back it took her 2 years to get a full coat back after a Lion Cutt. But I Do Think The Short Fur-do’s are Cute. I Get asked The Same Question about Midknight What Breed is he I Say Pomeranian They Always Say I Have Never Seen a Short Coated Pom. ut He is Cute.

  4. Bella you are beautiful! And you are right the clothing you wear makes you look extra special! Is it best for Pomeranians to have shorter clips in the hot weather? In NV we get the dogs clipped short, but then I heard that the coat insulates from the heat.

  5. I don’t really know the answer, Paulette, but if a Pom’s coat is supposed to insulate them and keep them cool then why don’t people wear fur coats when it is hot outside? Mommy doesn’t quite get the logic.

  6. You know Bella, I thought your haircut was styled after the lovely Hello Kitty BOL! You’re healthy with spunk and that’s what matters.

  7. What a fabulous idea!! From now on I will call this my “Hello Kitty Hairstyle” !!

  8. Bella, I think your are simply beautiful, just the way you are. With a face like yours, who needs long hair!

  9. Thank you so much for reviewing Pom hairstyles. I love how you remedy your fur issue with adorable clothes that don’t overpower the way you naturally look…like all our fur babies look.

    And thank you also for the education in Alopecia X. VERY helpful…my Bunny is 4 years old now. I’d love her whatever she looked like.

  10. This sounds more like clipper alopecia to me, which is the loss of hair regrowth after being shaved. Being a groomer, one of the things that I always try to talk an owner with a double coated breed out of is shaving them. There are better ways to give double coated dog breeds a haircut, like hand scissoring.

  11. Shanice, thanks for your reply! So many people have told me the same thing. But it doesn’t explain why Poms that have NEVER been shaved down, like poms that are in the show ring, also lose their coats. It sure is a mystery!

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  13. hi. u can try DerMagic product. Google it. Tired n tested. It really works for my girl.

    Hope it helps.


  14. Hi JT: We did try DERMagic but it didn’t work for me.

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