Bella visits with Santa Paws

Hello everypawdy, it’s me, Bella! Oh my dog, what a busy busy time of year this is! My pawrents have put up the tree, and decorated the porch around the front door with all the festive lights, and the stockings are hung over the pellet stove with care so they won’t catch on fire and burn the house down. It has been sooooo cold here that I am wearing  sweaters every day! I think I like my Reindeer Sweater the very best:

Reindeer Sweater 2013

But I really like my Santa Paws Sweater a lot too:

Santa Sweater 2013

But my very best Christmas dress is the red velvet one that I got for Christmas from my furrend Nancy Ann Martinez a couple of years ago, it is sooo pretty:

Peppermint Christmas Dress

When I heard that Santa Paws was coming to visit the pets for photos at the Antelope Valley Mall where I live, I asked Mommy if she would take me to see him. My work as the Pombassador for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue has me meeting with celebs and impawtant movers and shakers. Santa Paws is the most impawtant of all, since he wants to know if you’ve been bad or good and, well, you know the story. He can make wishes come true, so I put on my very prettiest Christmas dress and Mommy and I waited in line to see him:

waiting in line

The line moved slowly, I guess all the doggies ahead of me had long wish lists. I had only one wish so I knew my audience with Santa Paws would not take long at all. Finally we were at the head of the line, and when the big doors opened, we went in. Santa is very handsome and jovial, and invited me to sit on his lap. Here is our picture:

Bella with Santa

Santa was very nice and when he leaned over so I could tell him my Christmas Wish, he understood me clearly: My wish is for no more homeless doggies and kitties, that they all have warm beds and full bellies, and their own families. His eyes twinkled and his smile got bigger. He went “Ho Ho Ho, little Bella. That’s a mighty big wish! I will set my elves on that one right away.”

That night I slept in my bed, snuggled safe and warm. Merry Christmas, everypawdy!

Sleepy Bella



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  1. You look so cute in all of your holiday outfits !!!! Have a very merry holiday season , Bella xoxoxo

  2. Bella, I loved the story & I was glad to view the photos of you. I especially liked the one with you & Santa.
    Merry Christmas !!!

  3. Ever adorable! 🙂
    Your adoring Arizona “Auntie” Jeanine hopes that Santa brings you everything that your precious little heart desires.
    She definitely wants to see you, again, during her and Lakshmi’s 5-week holiday visit, in Los Angeles, California, with Jacqui, Albin, Paul, and her 4 grand-puppies.
    Love, hugs, and kisses! <3

  4. Adorable as always!
    I wish so hard your wish would come true.
    Merry Christmas to you and your pawrents , Cutie.

  5. Bella, that is the bestest wish in the whole wide world and wouldn’t it be pomtastic if your wish could come true. You look so tiny sitting on Santa Paw’s knee! Merry Christmas Sweetie!

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