Bella Walks Along The Hollywood Walk of Fame

I live so close to so many important landmarks and historical sites, so I invited my close furrend Coco Puffz to join me on an outing to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We were there to sniff out the sidewalk stars of the three canines who have been honored with their own stars in recognition of their contributions to entertainment.  The intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street is our starting point:

Bella takes a walk on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame

Next to the lamppost bearing the street sign is a plaque describing the importance of the area during the Golden Age of Hollywood:

A placque describing the importance of the area during the Golden Age of Hollywood

Now nearly 100 years old, the area shows its age but the underlying mystique that earned it the nickname “Tinseltown” can be seen everywhere.  When standing on the corner of 6400 Hollywood Blvd and looking north to the hills, the old Hollywood sign can be seen.  Locate the fire hydrant in the foreground and move up to the top of the picture just above the buildings:

Look for the old  Hollywood sign

The old restaurants, theatres, and studios are still there but have long since been repurposed or even renamed.  Hollywood has gone through a period of  decline.  The glitterati of today have found new haunts along Sunset, Rodeo, Melrose and in Beverly Hills, however, Hollywood & Vine still draw ten million tourists annually who come to see the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.  As of this writing, there are 2490 stars are in place now, and three of those stars celebrate the role of famous dogs in Hollywood History.  As Coco and I walk westward along Hollywood Blvd, we come to the first of our Stars:  Lassie.  Lassie’s star is found at 6368 Hollywood Blvd.   The 1943 film Lassie Come Home was the first of several “Lassie” films, then a TV series and books.

Lassie's star is found at 6368 Hollywood Blvd

We turned and went back eastward to Vine St, then turned right to a half block to 1627 Vine St to visit Rin Tin Tin’s star.  Sadly, what we found was a construction project and all the stars had been covered to protect them from being damaged so we were unable to get an original picture; we tucked our tails under in disappointment.  Rin Tin Tin (1918-1932) was rescued by an American Soldier from a WWI battlefield, and appeared first in silent films.  His career spanned a total of 27 films, with many progeny bearing his name continuing his legacy in film and public events to this day.   This is a picture of him from the 1929 film The Frozen River.

Rin Tin Tin from the 1929 film The Frozen River

The last star takes us northward along Vine Street, crossing Hollywood Blvd and up another half block to 1724 Vine St where we find Strongheart’s star.  I did not know of Strongheart (1917-1929) until this project; he was one of the earliest canine film stars.  He was a German Shepherd police dog who was brought to America by his owners who were also film makers, and thus began his career from 1921 to 1927 and paved the way for others such as Rin Tin Tin.  Tragically, Strongheart was injured on the set of a movie, the injuries lead to his death.  Here are Coco Puffz and me paying homage to him at his star:

Strongheart was one of the earliest canine film stars

Our tour was complete but we vowed to return another day when we could finally see Rin Tin Tin’s star.  It was wonderful to be able to spend the afternoon with my dear furrend Coco, she and I have known each other for a couple of years now and met at an adoption event held by Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.   Coco and I were followed by puparazzi for most of the afternoon so we decided to give them the greatest photo opportunity of the century:

Coco and Bella provide a photo op

The story does not end here.  Later that night as I was reviewing all the photos we took for the day.  I was deciding which to include for this blog, and I came across one more that I don’t remember taking at all.  Could it have been just be a dream?  Could it be a premonition?

Could this be a dream... or a premonition?



Bella is the star of the PetMeds TV Commercial!

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