Bella Works Out With K9 Bodyshop

I had a chance to attend a real workout class last night with my furrend and canine fitness coach Valerie Minnis. The class convened at 6:30pm at Dos Caminos Park in Camarillo CA, a lovely setting perfect for an evening workout. Valerie offers a variety of services to help you get and keep your dog in shape, whether you are just looking for a fun and recreational hour in the park or seeking to train your canine athlete to compete in serious agility trials. K9 BodyShop offerings include Canine Athlete Workshops, Private Lessons, Fido Fitness Classes, one hour Workout With Your DOG Classes, and Therapeutic Animal Massage.  Here is a cute video from the website:

The workout started with some warm ups for both the Mommys and the dogs. There were four workout stations that we took turns at in rotation. While one Mommy was doing 20 reps of  jumping jacks or another cardio to make her huff and puff, the other Mommy worked her dog on FitPAWS Canine Conditioning equipment. We got to use the Balance Disc:

Bella on the Balance Disc

and the Peanut:

The Peanut

and the Wobble board:

The Wobble Board

and I got to do some weaving and jump over some hurdles, which I am REALLY good at:

Bella clears the hurdles

It was fun because Valerie also incorporated some basic obedience skills for the dogs too! Mommy was very proud because I was such a good girl. I knew that Mommy had some delicious treats in her pocket so I was extra good. Here is a special happy moment that we had:

Bella is rewarded for being a good girl

After we did our cool-down stretches, everypawdy posed for this group picture. What a fun class it was, and I hope that if you live near Camarillo in California that you will find K9 BodyShop and sign up. The classes and costs are on Valerie’s website. If you don’t live near her, please find a Canine Fitness Coach near you. Your dog will thank you!

Bella enjoyed her fitness class

Love, Bella

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