Color me Bella!

Hi everypawdy!  It’s me , Bella.  A lot of my furrends have been trying to talk me into writing a book about my adventures, but *sigh* I just don’t know where to start! As the Pombassador for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue I do get to go to a lot of different places.  And, I am proud to announce that I have also just won the DogTV contest for Doggy Mayor of Los Angeles! I would much rather look at pictures, however, and that seems to be easier since I can’t read anyway. So, with that in mind, I have put together some of my favorite pictures and turned them into sketches so that they can be printed up and given to children to color. Just right-click on each image and then click on print picture to print them. Here they are:

img 1

This picture was taken of me in my stroller at the airport when I went to Evansville, IN to tape the PetMeds TV commercial! You might be able to find the original color picture in my Facebook album On The Set of the PetMeds Commercial to give you a hint about the real colors.

img 2

The second picture is me in my St. Paddy’s dress, and you can find the color picture here. There should be no mistake about what color I am wearing!

img 3

The third picture is one of Mommy’s favorites, and mine too! This was me modeling with a Valentine Bella Blankie that was very special, and Mommy had an artist create this photo in pastels and it is really pretty!

img 4

This is a picture that was taken by a furrend’s mom, and it really shows my smile, don’t you think? Good dental care is important for a pretty smile.

img 5

This picture was taken of me when I didn’t know that I was being photographed, so it is totally natural and casual about it that Mommy just loves.

img 6

This is the most winning picture of them all: it is the one that I won the PetMeds Next Pet TV Star with, and looking at it brings back such happy memories!

img 7

This last picture is one that Mommy loves, and it was taken of me on the set while taping the commercial. Mommy says that I am just glowing.

Come to my Facebook page at Bella Pomeranian and have a look through my albums, the pictures are there for everypawdy to enjoy!



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  1. Bella, ALL your pictures are beautiful, but thank you so much for these special pictures for the little ones to colour. I know they will love them! Also, congrats once again for becoming the doggie mayor of LA … you continue to be such a pawesome Pombassator!

    Love ~~~ Teddi xoxoxo

  2. Thank you, Teddi my love! Be sure to toggle the printer so that they get printed full page size! The little ones will love it! <3 <3 Bella loves Teddi ~ xoxoxo <3 <3

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