Helping Pets With A Mobility Handicap with Pet Wheelchairs

After filing my Memorial Day blog with interviews of MWD Emir and CWD Carlos, I received a very concerned message from Carlos’ mom on behalf of Carlos’ furrend Emir:  Emir’s back injury had gotten worse and he was losing the use of his hind legs.  He could not walk anymore.  His furrends rallied, a Chip-In was set up on facebook, and within 24 hours enough money had been raised to acquire a doggie “wheelchair” cart so that Emir could still get around.  I decided to do some research into doggie wheelchairs and how pet pawrents can continue to enjoy the love of their furry companions and meet their needs when they become mobility challenged.

Bella researching dog wheelchairs

I turned to my furrend Indigo Wheeled Terrier Jones for advice and help with navigating the sea of information for the mobility disabled pet.  Indy is an American Pit Bull Terrier and became disabled from beatings received from an abuser.  He was rescued and with the help of his pawrents he became an Ambassador and Advocate for abused animals.

Indy Jones

Indy’s wheelchair was acquired for him by Ringdog Rescue from Eddie’s Wheels For Pets through Eddie’s charity support program.    Eddie’s wheelchair carts are custom built to the specific measurements and gender of the pet, as well as engineered to meet the pet’s specific disability.   The wheelchairs are available in rear wheel, front wheel, quadcarts, and lightweight walkers exclusively for small indoor pets.  The different styles address a different need.    Because Eddie’s Wheels For Pets are customized to the specific measurements of each pet, it can take up to two weeks for delivery–but the cart will be made to fit your pet with his special handicap.   There is a price chart on their website for standard and upgraded carts, as well as the specialized accessories.  Eddie even has an accessory to kit a cart out for cross country skiing!!

Eddie's Wheels for Pets even has special accessories for skis!
Photo courtesy of Eddie’s Wheels For Pets

Eddie’s Wheels For Pets also provides a means for owners of Eddie’s carts that are no longer in use to be donated back for distribution to rescue groups, veterinary teaching hospitals, hospices and sanctuaries.  Used carts can be refurbished and then sold for substantially reduced prices where financial resources are limited; it was through this program that Indy got his special cart.  Original owners can also advertise their carts for sale on the website.

My furrend, MWD Emir, has had a setback with his back injury and now needs a doggie wheelchair cart to get around. provides a variety of products and services for handicapped pets, and the Walkin Wheels dog wheelchair.   The Walkin Wheels is fully adjustable, ships in one day, is easily assembled with no tools, and folds flat for transport.  It requires only one approximate measurement to order.  Because it is adjustable, it can grow as your pet grows. also has a catalog of other items to make living with a handicapped pet easier for both the pet and the pawrents.

Walkin Wheels in blue
Photo courtesy of

They even have it in my favorite color: PINK!

Walkin Wheels is in my favorite color! Pink!
Photo courtesy of

Here is Emir already learning to use his new wheelchair:

Emir learning to use his dog wheelchair

There are several other resources for doggie wheelchair carts.  Each is slightly different from the other so the pet pawrent will want to draw their own conclusions about which one will suit their specific need.  I encourage you to look at them all because there are videos that are uplifting, joyous and heartwarming.  Regardless of who the maker of the wheelchair is, the prize that we can’t lose sight of is a dog being released from an invisible chain that binds him to immobility.  With a wheelchair cart, he is once again free to walk, to run, to smell the grass and exercise his body and brain again, and to live life as a dog.

Doggon’ Wheels and K9 Carts are two more websites for Pet Wheelchairs that are well worth spending some time browsing on.

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  1. Thank you for all you do bella. Great blog

  2. I absolutely love these carts and appreciate the research you did for this post. If something was to happen to any of my dogs that would limit their mobility, I’d be buying one of these carts without a second thought. Thanks again.

  3. I am a foster mom for Paulasdoghouse is a non profit that rescues dog and puppies from kill shelters. We learned yesterday that 7 pups that are just 3 weeks old were born without a pattela and cannot walk. They have been to the vet and this is their only health problem. I am writing to ask if you have any ideas of how we can help them? You can email me or Paula at Thank you for any help you give!

  4. Michelle and Paula, I would suggest contacting ALL of the many providers of carts and start asking questions about what resources they may have available to you. Some appear to be able to provide refurbished and second-hand carts for reduced prices, and you can hold fundraisers to help raise the necessary funds. Love, Bella

  5. how much are these wheelchairs for dogs

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