[Contest] Share your pet’s adoption story – win $100 PetMeds Bucks

Facts and tips about Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Every October, dog lovers and rescuers celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. This month was started by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to raise public awareness of the millions of dogs awaiting homes in shelters. The ASPCA commissioned a poll* in 2012 which revealed that pet owners who adopted their dogs from shelters are more […]

Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month by saving a life

Looking to add a four-legged friend to your family? October has been designated as Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and there’s no better way to celebrate than to rescue one of the loving dogs just waiting for you at your local shelter. Every year, approximately 5 to 7 million dogs and cats enter US animal shelters and over half of those are euthanized. You can find wonderful dogs of every […]

Celebrate DOGust & Give Your Rescued Dog a Birthday to Remember!

Any pet owner who has adopted a dog from a pet rescue or humane society knows how disappointing it can be to not know their pet’s birth date. But this year you can celebrate your rescued dog’s birthday on August 1st.

Celebrate Mutt’s Day in July with Your Mixed Breed

July 31st marks Mutt’s Day; a day dedicated to the greatness of mutts and all the wonderful attributes they have.

Interview with Beth Zimmerman, Founder of Pets for Patriots

We have had such a great time over the last few weeks learning and interviewing and sharing all our great guests for our Adopt-A-Dog month series. And this week we are pleased to bring you another amazing person and organization – we interviewed Beth Zimmerman, the Founder of Pet for Patriots. This organization is dedicated to facilitating the process of animal adoption to current and former service men/women. We all […]

Interview with Vaughn Maurice, General Manager of Dogs for the Deaf

This week we bring you an interview with Vaughn Maurice, who is the general manager of Dogs for the Deaf. While the last two interviews in our Adopt-A-Dog series have been on two very different types of organizations, Dogs for the Deaf bridges that difference by training rescue dogs from local shelters to become valuable service animals. Started in 1977 as an organization to provide dogs for the hearing impaired, […]

An Interview with Anna Anderson, Executive Director of Annie’s Orphans

1. Anna, you’re the co-founder and executive director at Annie’s Orphans Dog Shelter in Durango Colorado. That’s not necessarily a common job – how did you get into this? In the early 80’s, I became interested in dog sledding and traded jewelry for a team and equipment. My husband and I make animal themed jewelry (primarily dog jewelry). So we bartered for the team. We went to small local races, […]