Bella Goes To K9 Corner

Yesterday was a big day for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue! Not because it was just another beautiful day in sunny Southern California, but because the Volunteers and their foster dogs were invited to visit with Meagan Medick of The K9 Corner TV Show! SCPR is being showcased on this episode to help us find furrever homes for the dogs that we have in our rescue here in Southern California. Here […]

Bella Works Out With K9 Bodyshop

I had a chance to attend a real workout class last night with my furrend and canine fitness coach Valerie Minnis. The class convened at 6:30pm at Dos Caminos Park in Camarillo CA, a lovely setting perfect for an evening workout. Valerie offers a variety of services to help you get and keep your dog in shape, whether you are just looking for a fun and recreational hour in the […]

Bella Prepares For Her First Live Q&A With PetMeds

Hi everypawdy!! It’s me, Bella, again. PetMeds has invited me to do a Live online Q & A session, just like Dr. Dym gets to do on the PetMeds Facebook page, so all of my PetMeds fans can ask me any question they want to ask. I have been preparing for it all week, wondering what kind of questions I would be asked.

Bella Bakes Pumpkin Cinnamon Dog Treats

Most everypawdy who knows me will know that I am on a very special diet because I make bladder stones of the calcium oxalate variety so there are a lot of foods that I am not supposed to eat. Most commercial dog foods and treats have some of those ingredients in them so I don’t get a lot of cookies and dog bones like a lot of other dogs do. […]

Bella Trains For A New Job: Therapy Dog, Part 2

Ever since I became the Pombassador for  Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, I have gotten used to lots of people petting me and wanting to hold me. I’ve been a pretty good sport about it, and I like it when people are nice and want me to sit on their laps. Now that I am in Therapy Dog training there is a whole new world that I am being introduced to. […]

Bella Trains For A New Job: Therapy Dog, Part I

As the Pombassador for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, I get to go lots of places and meet lots of people. Ever since I was on the 2011-2012  PetMeds TV Commercial I am recognized everywhere I go, and people want to say hello and pet me. It was at some special events that Mommy noticed people in wheelchairs who could not get up close to me because there was usually a […]

Bella Talks About Keeping Calm Under Stress

Hello everypawdy, it’s me again, Bella.  In just a few short weeks we will be celebrating another birthday, and America will be 237 years old!  The July Fourth holiday is a time for families to gather around the BBQ or the campfire for some really pawesome cookouts and everypawdy has a grand time…except for some of us pets who go totally zonkers at the sound of fireworks.  More dogs run […]